Day 20 – Windsor, Dover and Explosions

Bei der Verwendung der Karten werden Inhalte von Drittservern geladen. Wenn Du dem zustimmst, wird ein Cookie gesetzt und dieser Hinweis ausgeblendet. Wenn nicht, werden Dir keine Karten angezeigt.

I tried my best to protect my stuff from the influence of a black magic curse. I used all my knowledge but I could only lessen this curse.

The day started with searching for a new Inn. The lady manged to get a new one in time. What a releave!

The whole car was depacked and checked for the missing passports. Result: No passports found. Then I heard a terrible bang and the Lady cried and cursed! She didn’t got the step to the kitchen right and banged her knee again the metal radiator on the wall. I tried my best healing spell, but the curse tempered it!

The situation was dire. The Lady and I started the war mode. She delegated following tasks to the male servant first call the old Inns, second call the German embassy and third finde a VET for my travel papers. She texted my German VET Mr. Reinle and he wrote instand back a paper for his colleague. Thanks again my most liked VET! Now the Lady started driving and the male servant should do is tasks.

The deflection of this bloody curse drained my energie. So it start to rain cats and dogs while my good weather spell was weekend.

The enemy must be a whole school of wizards or a big deity! There is no other explanations! Now the have taken over the mind of the servant! This is the only reason why he could be so… space cadet like! The Lady was in pain but drove the tin can very well. The servant took a nap and don’t do his tasks! I hided under my pillow as I saw how close the Lady was to explode.

For my instand releave, the tin can stopped ad Windsor Castle. I tried to realign the healing spell, but the Lady was very unhappy. Her knee turned purple and doubled its size.

She smiles regardless of the situation and pain. We could take a look on the outside of Windsor castle. This curse made it closes as we arrived. I protested loudly an called for the manger. Unfortunately nobody listend.

The Lady had have four goals. First something to eat, second something to drink, third a pain realve pill and last a puddle place. The male servant was like remote controlled from the enemy! He runs a round like a headless chicken and made a dire situation worse. I tried to made the best of the day and explored the city.

Humans in other countries have strange things!

We found a Corgi monument!

I inspected this peace of finest art. A very good mage must have frozen this corgis in time!

Unfortunately the pain tolerance of the Lady was reached. She called the NAS for advice if she should visit a hospital or not. The nice Lady suggested to visit if need the hospital of Canterbury for x-rays. The Lady decided to take the pain and more pain releave till she is in Germany. She was nearly unable to walk and walking on only one leg is not possible for humans! The remote controlled servant don’t understand how important pain releave and water where now. And the first explosion of the Lady started!

After the cool down of the Lady we manged to go back to the tin can. We were near our transporting device as a huge metal beast appeared! I stopped it with a spell. This hide home close!

The Lady took over and released that he hasn’t phoned the embassy, nor the VETs. I thought about to rent a dragon to bring me home. It would be as comfy as this ride. The possibility was high that she will abandon the male servant on service station!

She called the embassy and now it got tangled up! The nice Lady from the emergency department has hat now plan. We shall call the other number. But they where so busy, that we don’t got through.

We got redealed to the first lady and she tolled us that we must come to London with photographs an lots of time. The tunnel was already booked and we need export papers for me too! Impossible in this time frame!

Now the panic mode of the Lady started. We have past London 2 hours ago. The male servant don’t show any sign that he understand what that meant. That we must possible stay 2 weeks longer here. He don’t show any signs of submission or realization. I hide hinter the car as the Lady exploded again! It was a supernova out of rage! Her cry must be heard in France. All in the Inn are looking at us. She send him packing and ordered me to observe him closely. She called the police and the embassy to get our passports listed as stolen. We looked for a photo booth and a VET. We found a vet on the other side of island. We were run done on our last nerves.

But the nice hotel hat a place for me to sit and feed the humans. I got a portion of fish & chips but no whole portion as the suggested in the start of the travel! But I hope the curse is deflected now!

To get my papers in time we must remove Dover-Castle from our bucked list.

To our joy the lady from the embassy called again. She spocke with her superiors. We can try with our ID-Carts but without guaranty! Tomorrow it will be…


Today we start travel back.


The weather condtions where bad to dangerous. Not a good day to travel. But resembled the mood of the Lady!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white Bone white


Windsor Castle is stunning, but it rained and it was closed.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Dog friendliness

There are not much places for a drink in Windsor.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white Bone white

The Hotel Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel is very dog friendly! There are places where you can eat with your humans.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

Don’t loose you pass ports and travel with your ID-Cards extra! With the ID-Card you can leave to france! You must explane and file the lost of your passports.

The German embassy is very busy. You need lots of time and patience.

You must file you passports as stolen/missing at the embassy. The say you should do at the police too, but the officers don’t know what todo with this request.

If you will read more about Windsor Castle look on there homepage. Check the opening times there too!

Day 19 – Hurst Castle and New Forest Nationalpark

The day started late. The humans spend the morning in the bed. Time to rest for a poor Collie Knight. The humans packed up the tin can. I have the sneaky suspicion that we will not be long here anymore. The humans cleaned up and moved the suitcases. Now we could start.

Suddenly the lady stopped the car. There were wild boars on the road!

OMD again! This time houses on the street! Maybe the sign has an real meaning!

The Lady paid a lot attention to the road. We meet cows and pheasants, until we arrived at the coast. We spend some time looking at the coast before we got in a little nutshell like boat. Yes I can use a boot for traveling. It is not my first time.

So we came to the coast of Hurst Castle.

Like the old sailors say I cought a stiff breeze with my fur!

We explored the inside of Hurst Castle. A dungeon of an daemon lord could look like this! Maybe it could be my main castle!

I found a weapon ans stuff room. Here I should plunder!

Now the big canons are coming.

I have the suspension that something is wrong with this canon…

Now I know it is sighted on the last wall. How has decorated it like this? He must go back in the basic class of architecture … or is this the self destroy function?

Oh have I said big canon to the tiny wee thing? This is a big canon!

We explored the big fortress. Behind every corner is something new!

We walked so many stairs! Up to the rooftop down to the belly of the fort!

I got a lesson in castle architecture!

I take it back! I will not have this rotten castle! It costs millions every year! A whole wing is closed and another is tumbeld because of the sea!

We got on the rooftop! The view is good!

Ah! Here are the lost communication rooms!

There are interesting things on the rooftop! I found fresh water too!

After exploring all! I must state that the bad mage has left because the maintenance cost of this building. But I got a Castle Diplome because I sniffed all letters out for the big test!

The lady was proud of me! We celebrated at the >Café< next doors!

Then we explored the surrounding area! The lighthouse is special! I trained my illusion magic on it!

Look at this! The lighthouse is more the one building! Have I done well?

The we found train tracks in the void! I explored it and it maybe be way to Hogwarts.

Unfortunately not. The go to another entrains of the castle. After this we got back to the little boat! It took us to the other side!

I got a VIP place at the front! Corni Shong was pleased by the view!

In the little boat we has a beautiful girl! I got to know her in the castle. Unfortunately she is promised to someone else!

With the pain in my hearth, I got angry as I remember that my pirates armor is damaged. So many boats ready to enter!


Of d**m. I think my magic is gone rough! I hope it will not bad happening. I moved from the beat with all my graze! Nobody has seen my magic misshabit! Now we driving to New Forest Nationalpark.

Attention, Lady! There are horses! We are surrounded!

After a while we found a place to park. We started to explore the surroundings! I found a druid school. I ask If I could visit a class!

What, by all holy and unholy things, means connect with the ears!

OMD! Why shall i wadle with my paws in this position?!

Äh… kiss and hug a tree?!

I think this kind of magic is not for me! Hey why you are running! *Puff* A attack with black magic?!

I must investigate this!

Where is the source of this evil? Maybe here?

Ah! Oui! A miniature dragon with belly problems! He is unwell!

I gave him some of my potions and healing magic. Now the bone is out!

What I am now a Druid? WOW!

Ehm… my humans must be feet and the rain will starts soon! Sorry mister druid master… I have to go and can’t take you position!

By the love of the godess! He has tried to eat my ear. I hope he is not angry about my fast departure!

We stopped to feed the humans in a nice Inn. I could only walk outside! But I need a pause really! So no problem waiting in the car!

It got late and the Inn keeper gave the humans some little thing for the way!

The streets where small and narrow. And Bam… to mirrors touched. It was okey nobody was injured and the dispute was settled. But what a scare!

The the lady spoke from getting home soon. I blinked. My big travel is over soon? We go home? Should I be sad or happy?

I must have unpleased a good totally today or the black mage must found out that I sniffed in Hurst Castle. A big course came through our wards! The Lady found out that our passports are missing. We hoped that they are on the bottom of the packed car but we were unsure. After this shock the next Inn wrote that we can’t stay there and I got tummy ache!


Today we have done two total different things


The trip to Hurst Castle was pleasant. It rained a bit but it was okey.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

The drive through the New Forest National Park is good. Pay attention to free roaming animals and the small narrow streets. You can lost a mirror quick!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white


Hurst Castle is a big recommendation! You can see and explore many. Suddenly a wing collapses from the sea and parts are closed for the visitors.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The New Forest National Park is stunning. You can see so many things and smell a whole other world.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Dog friendliness

Hurst Castle is very dog friendly. Every Collie Knight is welcome with his friends. If you have time visit this castle!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The New Forest National Park is beautiful and a must seen for a doggy knight. He can explore tracks of animals and use his little feets.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

Read more about Hurst Castle at english Heritage. You find the opening hours there as well. Hurst Castle is closed from November to April.

The New Forest National Park is very big. Look to the Webseide for more information!

If you will eat well go to Old Station Tea Room!

Day 18 – Public footpath and Shaftesbury

The Sun rised and the poor Sir Lucien Barkelot is tired as hell. Who turned on the sun?! Can I place have more sleeping time?

We don’t use the tin can today?! How interesting? Will we fly on our broom?

A quick look outside reviles our neighbors. I must check them out! Okey we move on while walking. Where will we go?

This Public Footpaths is more Agility Parcour then a walk up the fence down the fence and everywhere new challenges…

On the way we meet some local security personal. I have understand the right gate not the left! Okey boyes have a good time!

Wow there are lots of animals! My Lady we are on a Safari look a donkey with short ears!

Ah this is our destination! The cursed forest! It themes to be that the dark arts are trained hier. I changed my clothes. I hope I fit in now. Please don’t tell my Paladin supervisors that I attend a necromancy lecture!

After the exciting lecture of reanimation the woods get lighter and we arrived at the fary hills. I had have some interesting talks with a fairy guard. He showed me some tricks to hide me from the human eye.

After the long walk we arrived in Shaftesbury. There is a famous bread loaf there! And it is not called Bernd!

A dog friendly restaurant was found fast. We could finally make a decent pause. I must day humans eat strange things!

I tried my best black magic to get some of it! And what got I? The scraps that humans not eat!

Next to was a local museum, where dogs are allowed! We must check this out, Lady! Let us go!

There are a colorful mix of things.

Oh dear! There is a Mummy! Now it is clear why in the woods necromancer are trained!

D**m the Lady was catched from some artifacts magic. The typomator 3 makes *bing* on line end and the Lady is sensitive to music magic. I sang her a barking song to move here away. Puh we can go on!

Outside we found a local magic informant! He watched me close!

The local abbey was already closed, but I make a new friend!

It got dark fast and it is to dangerous for the lady to walk through the live stock by night. So we decide to call a local hire tin can. We must phone quite a few driver. But as he arrived he was very kind and friendly to me! I took a good nap with him!

Oh my Collie – this was a day!


Today we are walked to Shaftesbury and have tried the Public Footpaths.


The way was the goal. It was beautiful to walk along, but there were places with a high amount of difficulty. My Bum don’t fit in one of the gates and I must carried aboth the fence. There is many live stock free rooming and you walk strait through the herds. Be careful! For strong herding dogs it is nothing. For dogs that not herd much it is good manageable. Shaftesbury is a very nice city!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white


The Public Footpath through the woods was very interesting and a bit tiring. It make a lot of fun!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Shaftesbury is a nice little town. Be advised that the shops close early and to hire a taxi can be a bit difficult.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Dog friendliness

The Public Footpath is good to walk as dog. It is more for advanced hikers then for novices. Some points are hard to pass for a big dog and you must be lifted over the fence. Little doggy knights have an advantage!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

At Shaftesbury you find some water bowls and good restaurants and the museum!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

More about the Public Path System you can read here .

If you like to eat good go to “The salat celler“.

If you will see the cat mummy you must go to the Gold Hill Museum.

Day 17 – Old Wardour Castle and Sherborne Old Castle

How said sunshine spelles doesn’t work? It works very well! The forecast said it will rain cats and dogs and the humans planned a quiet day. But the sunshine wakes them and we will visit Old Wardour Castle und Sherborne Old Castle. I am a powerful mage or?

Old Wardour Castle is majestetic and powerful. It has a stunning history. The humans seems to play capture the bone with it. The Lady of the castle must go to war and protect the castle. There were miners and explosions! You can learn about with the audio tour. If the ruf were sealed and the sleeping place warm, I would take it as family seat.

And the magical grotto! Perfect for every kind of magic. The sun stairs make this to a dream of a Collie-Cat-Soul. To lay there in the sunshine must be incredible!

The inside is very good to checkout as doggy knight.

Suddenly the Lady was possessed by a ghost. He forced her to dance! I used my Palladin magic to bring this soul through the vail into the light. I hope nobody ever finds out this. This kind of magic needs a Permission that I only get after my exam. Somebody can think of dark arts in this dooing…

The maddows are calling for run and play. I mad some local peasants. We spoke over the beauty of the castle while sunshine.

We were invited to the little garden tea house. Humans can build truly magical things.

The garden is very green for midth of autumn. Someone must have done plant magic! I must have this spell!

We visited the gift shop. Some Human puppies where interested at me. I posed for them and showed some tricks.

Then we moved on to Sherborne Old Castle. The day was bright and nice. I put on my magical glases and saw how the castle must have looked like. You fell small as little Collie Knight if you look at it.

We explored the ruins to get more feeling for the magic in the land. There was everywhere something new. The Lady tried to find the source with her technical magic detector. My nose works better!

Everywhere are doors, portals or gabs in the wall. I stopped counting them.

I posed for the humans. That the could get more memorabilias of me!

After the castle we walked the surrounding area and found some little chapple.

We start our journey back to the Cottage. Lady! Stop! There is a paramedic bike in your blind spot. Where the sun is so bride! Puh that was close!

The Lady drove with more caution to the local community store to by some food for the evening. She got the first squash of the session! It will be delicious! They must reserve me a part!

At the Inn we mad our neighbours. I only smelled them before. The are nice and rescues!

The the night cames and the humans cooked. I present the first squash of the year! I used my mage and persuade the humans with magic to share a little part with me! I must say so I like to learn magic.


Today we visited some castles Again.


The way to Old Wardour Castle is a bit complex. I thought sometimes the Lady has lost her track on the small streets. Befor the castle is a big car parking.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Sherborne Old Castle is good to reach but you must find the right entrains. Pay attention to big drivers. Especially if the sun shines you miss them at the exit.


Old Wardour Castle is made for exploring. Use the audio tour and don’t miss the grotto!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Sherborne Old Castle is well maintained but mostly unconnected ruins. All is flat perfect for older doggy knights or humans with disabilities.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Dog friendliness

The doggy knight is happy on Old Wardour Castle. There are a water bowl, shadowy meadows, sunny places and very nice stuff!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Sherborne Old Castle dogs are allowed and wellcome. There is a water bowl for the nobel doggy knight.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful information

Here you can read more about Old Wardour Castle.

Information about Sherborne Old Castle are here!

Day 16 – Avebury and Silver Hill

Today we keep with the prehistoric England. The stone circle of Stonehenge you could only enjoy from afar. Now we go to a place called Avebury. There you can touch the stones with your nose and climb on them! The weather was much better than yesterday!

The stones stand in the countryside of England. Nothing can stop a little run around them. The stones are breathtaking.

There are different patterns and you can feel the powerful magic there. For a future Paladin something that he must study.

The area is big. Luckily I took the Lady and the servant with me… STOP you humans sheeps! Really common my Lady! Here is the flog!

Some of the stones are special shaped and sacred fish welles. On them fish treats appear! I must checkout this holly magic!

Next to the stone circle is a little village. We explored it and found some witch craft shops. I bought some powerful holly stones and a magic bowl. Now a boot mage or a zombie army shall try!

After the shopping the humans get hungry. We walked to one of the taverns of the stone circle. I must eat outside! What a shame! But the food was okey and the Lady got some magic metal water can. I agree with this! It stops the plastic mass… It was warm and some human puppy smiled at me!

Next door was the Alexander Keiller Museum. For my surprise Collie-Knights where allowed. I must see with powerful objects are shown there!

Okey the look at stones and pots. How boring! Oh there is a goat bone meal behind the glass!

The Lady has squeaked! I ran to her rescue! Help! Help! A dog skeleton! The show here the bones of a powerful deceased dog wizard! I must free him and bury his remains!

*Bratz* AUA! What at all dog goddess power was this!? The skeleton hat bitten me with magic! I shall not thing about his familiar as little snack and he will not get rescued?! The bonny dog like the attention of the crowd! I shall bring the Wise Wizard of Woof a message?

What?! The last fool of his apprentices bones lay on Silbery Hill he shall collect them. I am a future paladin I will bring the wise wizard the bones of the lost soul! Humans we move to Silbery Hill!

We can’t get nearer? There is a invisible power wall and a banishment circle with bones… Holly dog goddess! Is this thing dysfunctional! We can’t move ever if we touch the ground. We must retreat! The wise wizard must do this! My Lady we must go now!

For the sake of the goddess the humans heard to my words and we shopped some special treats for me!

After this adventures I needed a rest. But the humans was curious about the next village. Grr… something is wrong with my weather spell! I got wet to the bones! It must be the banishment circle that messed with my powers!

Okey you got me… I have done the wrong spell! I should train a bit!

Thankfully the Lady cooked in the inn. It was delicious! Some hearty meal after all this work!


Today we go further in the prehistoric magic history of England.


The drive was short and fun but nothing special.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Silvery Hill is next to Avebury. You can’t get it really wrong.


The stone circle is incredible big. A doggy knight can run free for a while. The village is a beauty and there is a dog friendly museum!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Silvery Hill is only to look at it from far. You can make some pictures and that it is.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Dog friendliness

Avebury is a powerful place where a future paladin can recharge this Energie and have some fun.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Silvery Hill is only to look at it.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Useful information.

More over the Avebury Stone circle you can find here.

Something about Silvery Hill you can read here!

About the Alexander Keiller Museum you can read here.

Day 15 – Old Sarum and Stonehenge

Today we made a time travel in the prehistory past of Great Britain. We started with my daily morning walk and then we drove to Old Sarum.

There were so much to see and discover! I climbed old ruins! The view was fantastic.

After this the Lady and I made a patrol in side the old walls.

Short before we left the inner circle the Lady saved me. There was a dangerous oak moth caterpillar!

We moved to the doors and made a short drinking break! I informed a fallower dog about the caterpillar situation!

We explored the outer circle and the Lady removed the leash and I was free!

I mostly lost my sword as the wind start blowing hard. To my luck all left dry. A Collie Cat ehm Knight is not fan of wet fur!

After the run we walked to the car. The day was young and nobody listened as I said there is rain and storm in coming. I feeled it in my bones! I suggest to go to Stonehenge I heard from it while my quest briefing. I tried the >I will see Stonehenge< spell from the magus that toled me to go there is important.

I must have done something wrong with the spell. I found a monument of Captain Eustace Loraine… but this thing is not powerful…

Strange looking huts…

The the male servant questioned my strength. I am a Collie Knight! Look I to you as a pulling expert?

The we moved on and on and on until I saw the main attraction!

Doggy Knights aren’t allowed on the main thing of Stonehenge, but there is a Public Path near it and you can see this amazing stone circle! Okey know I understand what I have magically done. I summoned the rain and storm to remove the tourist from my sight! I had have a clear view most of the time!

The Lady want to go near the stones. The rain increased and it looked like she where dancing as a druid. Some German folks were there and ask in broken English if she had made the rain. She answered in German. I couldn’t hear it well but it doesn’t sound like >My incredible soon to be Palladin had done his magic well<. More like wrong attribution to a weather god!

I must say I have seen Stonehenge and the experience was unique and boosted my powers! But I will close look to my spell devices. The amount of rain was not well maintained. I need endless time to dry!

Add the end of the day we moved on to the Forester pub!. The food was magical!


Today we are looking in the prehistoric magic of England.


The drive to Old Sarum was short and comfy. There is a big parking lot and the area is free to roam as dog. You can run fast and meet some local dogs. If you will make a break perfect!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The Stonehenge visitor center is easy to reach. The way to the real stone circle is on a very long street and can be draining for very old or young pups. Doggy Knights aren’t allowed in the bus.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white


Old Sarum is good for the hard and mind of a Collie Kight. The maddow is seducing for a fast run. The ruins are calling for a round of exploring. And you will get a water bowl if you ask! The human stuff is very nice! And don’t forget the view! Short AMAZING!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Stonehenge is a must have for many tourists. Doggy Knights aren’t allowed on the real monument, but there is a public path nearby that you can visit. If the conditions are okey you will see the Monument very good! I think to take the time and go looking worth it. Or do you know another German Collie Knight that have seen Stonehenge?

Dog friendliness

Old Sarum is the dream of a doggy Knight!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Stonehenge has plenty to see and to explore. But the doggy knights aren’t allowed everywhere. Driving by Bus is not allowed, too.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Useful Information

Want to know more over Old Sarum? Look here.

Information about Stonehenge you can read here!

If you will eat well go to the Forester!

Day 14 – Berry Pomeroy Castle and Muchelney Abby

Today they have stuffed up the tin can up to the brim and cleared out the house. I got some extra rounds around the house. Little advice of the burned dog. Overview your servants buy packing and sniff every corner of the house. Especially behind a shellfs. They forgot an imported real bag…

I helped with the recycling.

The Lady got the drivers seat and started the journey!

We stopped at a hidden castle after a short drive. It was in a woodland area with a very rough woodland path before.

There are very imposant ruins there!

The humans booked an audio tour. I heard interesting stories there!

There were horror stories about ghost Ladies in distress! I the fearless Sir Barkalot rushed to rescue of this poor souls!

You can look to different places even if you are not a giant!

There are lots of hills, walls and stones for posing.

The personal is very friendly!

After the tour we continue our journey in the tin can. We stopped at an old Abby!

As Collie Knight you can explore almost everything! The area is big and there are beautiful spots!

Especially the apple trees are tasty eye catcher. One of them has an mistletoe too!

Suddenly the exhibition is very small. You get the original vibes of the place, but a big extra mile don’t worth it.

I learned something about human writing there.

After this we take a close look to the Abby grounds. How the humans can make out of an old latrine a big attraction is to much for my collie knight head.

We drove a while to our new Inn. The Inn is very countriesideish with real free roaming chickens and sheep. It reminds me a bit at home.

The humans made my bedside and I could sleep a bit!

The human stuff start the food hunt process! Sometimes it is better to be a dog! They can make my meal and be hungry.

Some day the humans must sort out how there clocks and the sun function. A pub don’t open by magic if you arrived to early

Yes you got it right! We arrived to early! So we are gone for a walk around the pub. The male servant programmed his app. I and the Lady should know meanwhile that this is not so an good Idea. He has some little issues if he use a map. Out of the 20 minutes that we went walk… we are gone over one hour.

We had luck and got a table even while we are late. You must see what there cames out of the kitchen! It looked and smelled simply amazing!

We mat an older couple that have had an collie! We exchanges stories. I like the Fox an Hound very much!

After this the humans went to the nearest food shop. The Lady was coursing after the arrived on the wrong side of the merchant area. Where no place for the tin can was. After a short time the came back with new food bags. The smelled of plastic and not interesting.

Now I can bed my head to rest. This day was tiring!


We drove to a new Inn and learned a bit about medieval history.


The drove to Berry Pomeroy Castle was exciting. But it was a bit cramped in the stuffed car and the woodland street a bit bumpy.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

The drive to Muchelney Abby was easy. There is a big parking lot on a maddow before.

The new Inn in Salisbury is countriesideish. You must pay attention witch driveway you take. The next village is a bit farer away. Mind the pheasants that pop up on the road.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white


The Castle has a beautiful audio tour. If you have time you should go there!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The Abby is very big and you can relax there. But the exhibition is very small. If you are near take a look. Don’t drive the extra mile for it.

Salisbury has lots of space and some good places where the doggy knight can run.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

The Berry Pomeroy Castle is very dog friendly you can explore basically the whole castle. The doggy knight must be save on stairs to enjoy all.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The Muchelney Abby is explorable by a Collie knight. You can find little bits of the british history there!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

In Sailsbury is the doggy knight welcome. It is a little place with lots of places to hick.

Useful Information

All about Berry Pomeroy Castle you can read here.

Muchelney Abby would descripted here.

If you need a dog friendly place to stay, look here.

If you will eat a delicious meal go to Fox and Hound!

Schmotziger Dunschtig

The humas have a couple of strange days every year. The call them different from region to region. The Lady says Weiberfastnacht. The male Servant called it Schmotziger Dunschtig.

Who will know more read at the SWR news. The Schmotziger Dunschtig has different traditions that will celebrated. Here in south Germany/Swiss there will be a fool tree planted and there is Gugge music. The humans meets and have fun at this strange music.

One of the customs is to dress up.

We have tried. What do you thing about our costumes?

By the way the humans will dress up often in the year. The have a holiday called Halloween.

Day 13 – Looe and Pendennis

The day started unexpected. I could sleep late! The sun shone and the human stuff was ready for a nice walk to Looe!

We walked at the coast path to Looe. We know some good places because of the scouting yesterday. The humans want shopping.

They found plenty of useless stuff and squeaked regularly.

We are now proud owners of a plush sheep and a plush sheltie.

After this the Lady got hungry! No one argued with a hungry Lady. The male servant found a dog knight friendly cafe. The Lady got a >cornish Breakfast<! I call it a meet plate with egg, beans and bread! I went some and got only microscopic crumbs. I protest! I do not consent with such a treatment!

Some local folks greeted me and was over the moon that I speak with them!

We walked through a film set. Maybe may noble body will shown in a English TV-Show.

The we got a very important quest from the goddess of Rain >Buy the male servant a water proved jacked<. First I though this is easy, but after a lots of waiting time later I know it is easier to produce a doggy knight armor as this. After a long time he decided to by the blue jacked and I could finally explore some more of the coast!

We walked back to our Inn and I found some palms! You see right! Palms at the britisch Coast!

We started the thin can and drove to Pendennis. It is a military fortress from the 16th century. It was used until the World War II.

At least the local tour guide said.

My new friend showed me the entrance, too!

We could visit some interesting stuff there. Especially the cannons where nice! Could you see me protect the whole world?

The Lady bought a tool kit to comunicate with local dragons! Hey stop! Why I got this on me!

We visited the castle it self and got a guided tour. It was very interessting only the stairs where steep and small.

We got lucky! We saw a rainbow!

After this we visited the half moon bay. We saw the big modern canons and we walked through the guard ways and big hills.

After this action we are gone back to the shop and the entrance. There was a big bowl of water for me.

Bevor we leave I posed for the shop girls! I am real eye catcher in my armor. I have had not enough Sir-Barkalot-Memorabilien for the requests!

On the way to the car I got a new friend, a local Dalmatian. He was really nice.

Ad the end we made a short visit of Liskeard. The humans were hungry again and it got dark. I got the noble task to watch over the thin can.

If I am honest, short after the humans wehre gone I fall asleep. Please don’t tell the humans! I got lots of prays and cookies for this task…


We explored the coast and the military history of UK.


The coast path with sunshine is a dream for a Collie Knight. You can enjoy the sea and walk as long as you will.

Driving to Pendennis is beautiful. You can sea very differed landscapes.


In Looe you can find things for everyone. There are shops for dog treats too. And one Shop has things for allercial dogs! There is a Cafe where doggy knights are welcome. It is on the harbor.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The military historic tour at Castle Pendennis is a good recommendation. The Collie Knight is learning lots of interesting stuff and can touch some weapon systems with his nose. The shop is very unique and the stuff is great. There you get the dragon communication kit.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Looe is perfect for a doggy visit. There are water bowls before shops and there are eating places where I allowed to enjoy.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Pendennis is very dog friendly, too. The Doggy Knight can see and explore everything. The Shop-keeper and tour guides where blown away from me.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful information

The Lookout is a place for a good breakfast for a Doggy Knight.

Pendennis Castle is part of English Heritage. If you can visit it!

Day 12 – Dartmoor and Looe


Juhu the humans will make a lazier day today! The will wash today and we will look to Looe, the next city. Maybe I can relax a bit today!

I shouldn’t speak my thoughts out! After the morning walk the wash odyssey started. The humans needed my help to find the washing house. And then the started the machine and the timeboxed tour to Looe.

The timebox where two hours. We found the harbor and many interesting shops.

The Lady can’t resist the gambling hall and lost one pound against my strictly advice!

While we looked the city we found shops with fish based treats and a dog shop with liver pate! I animated my stuff to by a lot of it!

The we must run to our laundry! The 2 Hours where over! It is a big advantage to have own fur!

Canonteign Falls

Now we go on. We drove to Canonteign Falls in Dartmoor. That are the biggest waterfalls of Dartmoor and had booked a tour about history and mining. The humans said that there is a big attraction for me! Will it be other doggy knights and ladies? Something special to eat?

We saw the big waterfalls and fern forest. Yes your ears function well the big attraction where ferns! Humans!

For our luck. I managed to convince some fairies to get along with us! But I must nog at some doors to get this running.

There were statures on the way a dragon without wings a deer, a hare and so on.

At last we managed to climb the biggest waterfall with my new english doggy friend. He must protect his lady hard because she had issues with height.

We stopped at a local inn and ate sine Scoons. I suged the crumbs of the humans in. It is not gut to leaf a place dirty!

I would take the armor treasure but the human staff refused to carry it! The the put me on a not working scale!

We had time left from the day and the human stuff was ready to tackle more of the moor.

It was like a safari. Cows appears on the street and sheeps jumps around without fence or walls – breathtaking for every herder.

Foggintor Quarry

We drove to the Foggintor Quarry as it starts to rain. The humans were so intelligent to walk on from the parking place.

I was never ever on so a short distance of a sheep. There were plenty sheeps! I showed disinterest so the humans not see that the herding instinct kicks in!

We walked along a “field” to the entrance of the quarry.

I don’t know that the lady is so good at climbing on rocks. At the start was a point with a steer drop to big for me. The Lady climbs down easily and the servant followed. Only stand at the edge and looked down to high for me.

The male servant carried me to the ground and we could explore the quarry. Here were sheeps to! And this delicious balls of sheep dumplings!

There are some paths in the quarry while we explored it started to rain hard. We were soaked and looked like wet rats as we arrived at the end!

The Lady removed her clothes unlady like. She undressed her trauthers in the Rain on the street! I was beyond shocked! I could only stare at her!

At the way home I suggested to the male servant to buy some thing for dinner. Nothing is better as an real dinner and a tea against the cold from the rain!

In the Inn we dried of and eat fresh cooked dinner.

I personally recycled some left overs.

In the evening the Lady screemed suddenly! She got attacked from a english tick! The nasty beast stuck at her rip!

The male servant was a hero! He got my tick removal kit from the car and removed it. I think the humans should get tick tablets too! Very less drama. Tick bites are nasty!


The day was packed with different activities from beautiful looking to shopping.


The travel to Looe was fast and easy. If you can take more then 2 hours for the city and the shops. Use the Parkplatz on the other side of the river. The city itself is only for locals.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Dartmoor is like a safari. Take it easy and drive slow to sea all animals!

The drive to Foggintor Quarry is more complex as it seams on paper. Animals roaming the street and pop up everywhere. You must walk a little while. Avoid bad weather.


In Looe you can find things for everyone. There are shops for dog treats too. And one Shop has things for allercial dogs!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The historical tour was pleasing. I was allowed to go everywhere. For dogs recemented!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The Foggintor Quarry was breathtaking for all Collie knights a must have seen. There are points to climb and to enjoy! Wild sheeps are running and a lake of clear water is there. For your own safety use a day with good weather. The Quarry is slippery.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Looe is perfect for a doggy visit. There are water bowls before shops and there are eating places where I allowed to enjoy.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dartmoor is balsam for a traveling Collie knight soul. The nature is relaxing and here you can be a dog.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Foggintor Quarry is a real adventure. You need the help of your humans from time to time but it is fun. For older dogs or herding dogs with herding ability it is not so ideal.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful information

All infos for dogs in Dartmoor are here.

About the waterfalls and the tours read here.

More about the Foggintor Quarry you can find here!

Humans should ware hiking boots and gear.