Christmas Market Darmstadt

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Santa Paws and his human helpers traveled to Darmstadt.

They could not avoid the beautiful Christmas market.

There are lots of different stalls! From basket waver to pancake maker there was so many!

For Sir Barkalot we got a new sword.

Especially exiting was that original Swiss Raclette stall! It smelled Amazing!

I met a colleague of the wise Wizard of Woof!

There is a carousel too!

I have post with little and big humans! I tolled them the importance of Santa Paws! I smiled until a litte human girl tried to kidnap me! Then I parkt sharp and the situation was okey again! Little Humans need lots of training!

Interesting is the human relation to art. Not my taste really… bit for territory marking it is ok!

We have made a quick trip to the city and found some special things!

I visited the local alchemist supply store for the wise Wizard of Woof. It was closed…

At the end we meet the local rescue dog group. I am so lucky that I not passed the examination. The poor things must sit in the cold and wait!



The travel to Darmstadt take a bit of time. It was good to stretch the paws!

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The Christmas market Darmstadt was very interesting. If you have time take a look!

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Dog friendliness

There is lots of space for doggy Knights and Santa Paws to move and many things to enjoy.

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Useful Information

The most important information about the market are here!

The market opens at 11 o’clock under the week.

Take your time to visit the city. For a short holt it is to much.

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