Day 17 – Old Wardour Castle and Sherborne Old Castle

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How said sunshine spelles doesn’t work? It works very well! The forecast said it will rain cats and dogs and the humans planned a quiet day. But the sunshine wakes them and we will visit Old Wardour Castle und Sherborne Old Castle. I am a powerful mage or?

Old Wardour Castle is majestetic and powerful. It has a stunning history. The humans seems to play capture the bone with it. The Lady of the castle must go to war and protect the castle. There were miners and explosions! You can learn about with the audio tour. If the ruf were sealed and the sleeping place warm, I would take it as family seat.

And the magical grotto! Perfect for every kind of magic. The sun stairs make this to a dream of a Collie-Cat-Soul. To lay there in the sunshine must be incredible!

The inside is very good to checkout as doggy knight.

Suddenly the Lady was possessed by a ghost. He forced her to dance! I used my Palladin magic to bring this soul through the vail into the light. I hope nobody ever finds out this. This kind of magic needs a Permission that I only get after my exam. Somebody can think of dark arts in this dooing…

The maddows are calling for run and play. I mad some local peasants. We spoke over the beauty of the castle while sunshine.

We were invited to the little garden tea house. Humans can build truly magical things.

The garden is very green for midth of autumn. Someone must have done plant magic! I must have this spell!

We visited the gift shop. Some Human puppies where interested at me. I posed for them and showed some tricks.

Then we moved on to Sherborne Old Castle. The day was bright and nice. I put on my magical glases and saw how the castle must have looked like. You fell small as little Collie Knight if you look at it.

We explored the ruins to get more feeling for the magic in the land. There was everywhere something new. The Lady tried to find the source with her technical magic detector. My nose works better!

Everywhere are doors, portals or gabs in the wall. I stopped counting them.

I posed for the humans. That the could get more memorabilias of me!

After the castle we walked the surrounding area and found some little chapple.

We start our journey back to the Cottage. Lady! Stop! There is a paramedic bike in your blind spot. Where the sun is so bride! Puh that was close!

The Lady drove with more caution to the local community store to by some food for the evening. She got the first squash of the session! It will be delicious! They must reserve me a part!

At the Inn we mad our neighbours. I only smelled them before. The are nice and rescues!

The the night cames and the humans cooked. I present the first squash of the year! I used my mage and persuade the humans with magic to share a little part with me! I must say so I like to learn magic.


Today we visited some castles Again.


The way to Old Wardour Castle is a bit complex. I thought sometimes the Lady has lost her track on the small streets. Befor the castle is a big car parking.

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Sherborne Old Castle is good to reach but you must find the right entrains. Pay attention to big drivers. Especially if the sun shines you miss them at the exit.


Old Wardour Castle is made for exploring. Use the audio tour and don’t miss the grotto!

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Sherborne Old Castle is well maintained but mostly unconnected ruins. All is flat perfect for older doggy knights or humans with disabilities.

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Dog friendliness

The doggy knight is happy on Old Wardour Castle. There are a water bowl, shadowy meadows, sunny places and very nice stuff!

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Sherborne Old Castle dogs are allowed and wellcome. There is a water bowl for the nobel doggy knight.

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Useful information

Here you can read more about Old Wardour Castle.

Information about Sherborne Old Castle are here!

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  1. Nice travel review. Looks like a great adventure for most anyone especially if they have special four- legged companion like Sir Barkalot Lucian. 🐾🐾

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