Today is a important day! The vail between the worlds is thin! Pumpkin, incense and magic are in the air. To day we Collie Paladin are needed most.

Evil ghosts, werewolves and demons are near and try to breach the vail!

We Paladine watch as silent guardians the vail and the portals. We are that stand between the danger and this world!

To get the title paladin you must do a lot! Start you training early puppy!

I trained the art of sword fight, running like the wind, tactics and master the drama play!

But that’s only one part! You need magic! Incredible magic! I found a wise teacher. I learned three years – How to hold the wand! How to find the knowledge! How to draw a runes! How to craft the spells. It was a hard time!

The old master reminded me often to the story of the warlocks apprentice! What a shame!

Okey… okey he was right. I managed do let the dinner disappear with my spells. And that not more then one time.

My master saw that I need more influence and knowledge from other cultures. So he send me and two human servants to Great Britain. That was a Trip!

I studied the English and Welsh mythical creature and magic places. I found my first familiar in Tintagle. His name is Chorny Shong! He is a little cornish dragon!

I fought a big red welsh dragon and found a hidden portal to the demon world in a castle ruin!

Back in Germany Eulalia Owl and Furgi Curgi found there way to me. Now I have three very strong familiars!

The old master was proud of me and he said I am ready for my own master wand and may master robe.

He gave me a mini caldron. It was instantly taken by Corny Shong. The old master thinks I have no talent for the alchemists caldron. It seams my dragon is on the same page…

Now I can call my self Lucien the wizard of Woof

I hope to do good with my magic. Like I oathed at my rite.

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