Day 14 – Berry Pomeroy Castle and Muchelney Abby

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Today they have stuffed up the tin can up to the brim and cleared out the house. I got some extra rounds around the house. Little advice of the burned dog. Overview your servants buy packing and sniff every corner of the house. Especially behind a shellfs. They forgot an imported real bag…

I helped with the recycling.

The Lady got the drivers seat and started the journey!

We stopped at a hidden castle after a short drive. It was in a woodland area with a very rough woodland path before.

There are very imposant ruins there!

The humans booked an audio tour. I heard interesting stories there!

There were horror stories about ghost Ladies in distress! I the fearless Sir Barkalot rushed to rescue of this poor souls!

You can look to different places even if you are not a giant!

There are lots of hills, walls and stones for posing.

The personal is very friendly!

After the tour we continue our journey in the tin can. We stopped at an old Abby!

As Collie Knight you can explore almost everything! The area is big and there are beautiful spots!

Especially the apple trees are tasty eye catcher. One of them has an mistletoe too!

Suddenly the exhibition is very small. You get the original vibes of the place, but a big extra mile don’t worth it.

I learned something about human writing there.

After this we take a close look to the Abby grounds. How the humans can make out of an old latrine a big attraction is to much for my collie knight head.

We drove a while to our new Inn. The Inn is very countriesideish with real free roaming chickens and sheep. It reminds me a bit at home.

The humans made my bedside and I could sleep a bit!

The human stuff start the food hunt process! Sometimes it is better to be a dog! They can make my meal and be hungry.

Some day the humans must sort out how there clocks and the sun function. A pub don’t open by magic if you arrived to early

Yes you got it right! We arrived to early! So we are gone for a walk around the pub. The male servant programmed his app. I and the Lady should know meanwhile that this is not so an good Idea. He has some little issues if he use a map. Out of the 20 minutes that we went walk… we are gone over one hour.

We had luck and got a table even while we are late. You must see what there cames out of the kitchen! It looked and smelled simply amazing!

We mat an older couple that have had an collie! We exchanges stories. I like the Fox an Hound very much!

After this the humans went to the nearest food shop. The Lady was coursing after the arrived on the wrong side of the merchant area. Where no place for the tin can was. After a short time the came back with new food bags. The smelled of plastic and not interesting.

Now I can bed my head to rest. This day was tiring!


We drove to a new Inn and learned a bit about medieval history.


The drove to Berry Pomeroy Castle was exciting. But it was a bit cramped in the stuffed car and the woodland street a bit bumpy.

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The drive to Muchelney Abby was easy. There is a big parking lot on a maddow before.

The new Inn in Salisbury is countriesideish. You must pay attention witch driveway you take. The next village is a bit farer away. Mind the pheasants that pop up on the road.

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The Castle has a beautiful audio tour. If you have time you should go there!

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The Abby is very big and you can relax there. But the exhibition is very small. If you are near take a look. Don’t drive the extra mile for it.

Salisbury has lots of space and some good places where the doggy knight can run.

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Dog friendliness

The Berry Pomeroy Castle is very dog friendly you can explore basically the whole castle. The doggy knight must be save on stairs to enjoy all.

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The Muchelney Abby is explorable by a Collie knight. You can find little bits of the british history there!

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In Sailsbury is the doggy knight welcome. It is a little place with lots of places to hick.

Useful Information

All about Berry Pomeroy Castle you can read here.

Muchelney Abby would descripted here.

If you need a dog friendly place to stay, look here.

If you will eat a delicious meal go to Fox and Hound!

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