Sir Lucien Barkalot and his squire Gavriel at your service

I am Sir Lucien Barkalot and my squire Gavriel! We travel to the world and discover castles, palaces and festivals. Our goal is to check them for dog suitability.

Of course I have fun too! If you like make a snapshot of me! Call me and have the treats ready!

LAME! You are so lame that every body must sleeping now!

Dear Squire the Lady put a lot effort in this project! She will reduce our sweets if we complain!

Oh… err! I said nothing!

Sir Lucien Barkalot poses for the cathedral of Laon.
Squire Gavriel poses for the ships of the Titisee

The newest adventures of Sir Lucien Barkalot and his Squire.

Here are the newest adventures, travels, stories. We traveled to England, France, Swizzerland and Austria so far. Enjoy! If you will read more or older blog posts look to our chronicles side. There all adventures are listed and ready to explore. We hope you will make some comments.


Schaffhausen und Rhine Falls

Gavriel has not gotten his sea legs. Out of this reason he couldn’t participate on...
Gavriel im Campus Galli

Campus Galli (2023)

In July we visited Campus Galli. I told Gavriel that there are interesting things to...

Österreich – Salzburg Day 2 – Salzburg, Armor and Friends!

The day near Salzburg started with collie torture! We had to watch the humans eat!...


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Celebrations and Holidays

Here we try to show you human costumes that we have watched! We try to explain them.


Egg search

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter

I heard that some of this festive days are coming for the humans. The prepare...

Schmotziger Dunschtig

The humas have a couple of strange days every year. The call them different from...

Christmas markets in Munich

We were on grant Christmas market tour in Munich. We had some days to spend...

Where Sir Lucien Barkalot and his Squire has been!

This interactive map shows where we were and what adventures we have had. Read about my mischievous longnose squire Gavriel. Little tip: Follow my loud voice to find me! My barking never lead you wrong!

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Next sighting options

I travel usually around south west Germany , Alsace or Swizzerland.

We will be in east Germany from 12.05.2013 to 14.05.2023