The new year started with good news! I got a squire to train! A good squire knows how to write so he will write some letters and diary pages for you.

Sir Lucien Barkalot at your service

I am Sir Lucien Barkalot! I travel to the world and discover castles, palaces and festivals. My goal is to check them for dog suitability.

Of course I have fun too! If you like make a snapshot of me! Call me and have the treats ready!

Lucien with Sword


Day 18 – Public footpath and Shaftesbury

The Sun rised and the poor Sir Lucien Barkelot is tired as hell. Who turned ...

Day 17 – Old Wardour Castle and Sherborne Old Castle

How said sunshine spelles doesn’t work? It works very well! The forecast said it will ...

Day 16 – Avebury and Silver Hill

Today we keep with the prehistoric England. The stone circle of Stonehenge you could only ...


Schmotziger Dunschtig

The humas have a couple of strange days every year. The call them different from ...

Christmas markets in Munich

We were on grant Christmas market tour in Munich. We had some days to spend ...

Medival Christmas Market Esslingen

On our way back from the interview with my potential squire we stopped at the ...

Where I have been!

This interactive map shows where I was and what adventures I have had. Little tip: Follow my loud voice to find me! My barking never lead you wrong!

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Next sighting options

I travel usually around south west Germany , Alsace or Swizzerland.

We will be in Salzburg Austria and of April start of Mai.