Day 15 – Old Sarum and Stonehenge

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Today we made a time travel in the prehistory past of Great Britain. We started with my daily morning walk and then we drove to Old Sarum.

There were so much to see and discover! I climbed old ruins! The view was fantastic.

After this the Lady and I made a patrol in side the old walls.

Short before we left the inner circle the Lady saved me. There was a dangerous oak moth caterpillar!

We moved to the doors and made a short drinking break! I informed a fallower dog about the caterpillar situation!

We explored the outer circle and the Lady removed the leash and I was free!

I mostly lost my sword as the wind start blowing hard. To my luck all left dry. A Collie Cat ehm Knight is not fan of wet fur!

After the run we walked to the car. The day was young and nobody listened as I said there is rain and storm in coming. I feeled it in my bones! I suggest to go to Stonehenge I heard from it while my quest briefing. I tried the >I will see Stonehenge< spell from the magus that toled me to go there is important.

I must have done something wrong with the spell. I found a monument of Captain Eustace Loraine… but this thing is not powerful…

Strange looking huts…

The the male servant questioned my strength. I am a Collie Knight! Look I to you as a pulling expert?

The we moved on and on and on until I saw the main attraction!

Doggy Knights aren’t allowed on the main thing of Stonehenge, but there is a Public Path near it and you can see this amazing stone circle! Okey know I understand what I have magically done. I summoned the rain and storm to remove the tourist from my sight! I had have a clear view most of the time!

The Lady want to go near the stones. The rain increased and it looked like she where dancing as a druid. Some German folks were there and ask in broken English if she had made the rain. She answered in German. I couldn’t hear it well but it doesn’t sound like >My incredible soon to be Palladin had done his magic well<. More like wrong attribution to a weather god!

I must say I have seen Stonehenge and the experience was unique and boosted my powers! But I will close look to my spell devices. The amount of rain was not well maintained. I need endless time to dry!

Add the end of the day we moved on to the Forester pub!. The food was magical!


Today we are looking in the prehistoric magic of England.


The drive to Old Sarum was short and comfy. There is a big parking lot and the area is free to roam as dog. You can run fast and meet some local dogs. If you will make a break perfect!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The Stonehenge visitor center is easy to reach. The way to the real stone circle is on a very long street and can be draining for very old or young pups. Doggy Knights aren’t allowed in the bus.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white


Old Sarum is good for the hard and mind of a Collie Kight. The maddow is seducing for a fast run. The ruins are calling for a round of exploring. And you will get a water bowl if you ask! The human stuff is very nice! And don’t forget the view! Short AMAZING!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Stonehenge is a must have for many tourists. Doggy Knights aren’t allowed on the real monument, but there is a public path nearby that you can visit. If the conditions are okey you will see the Monument very good! I think to take the time and go looking worth it. Or do you know another German Collie Knight that have seen Stonehenge?

Dog friendliness

Old Sarum is the dream of a doggy Knight!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Stonehenge has plenty to see and to explore. But the doggy knights aren’t allowed everywhere. Driving by Bus is not allowed, too.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Useful Information

Want to know more over Old Sarum? Look here.

Information about Stonehenge you can read here!

If you will eat well go to the Forester!

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  1. My staff have been to Stonehenge. They said it has a certain magical feel about it. I’m pleased you enjoyed it.

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