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Schaffhausen und Rhine Falls

Bei der Verwendung der Karten werden Inhalte von Drittservern geladen. Wenn Du dem zustimmst, wird ein Cookie gesetzt und dieser Hinweis ausgeblendet. Wenn nicht, werden Dir keine Karten angezeigt.

Gavriel has not gotten his sea legs. Out of this reason he couldn’t participate on Pirate Month well. He is a bit jung to be a jolly sailor.

Tomorrow the magic month will starting. The grate finale will be Halloween. Witch will have more power and ghost dance all night. I made the mistake Gavriel to tell. Now we need a magic sheep for the a project… And he will only a sheep from Schaffhausen…

So we made a road trip by train. Because the Colliecar is broken down. Our trips goes from Hinterzarten to Villingen to Singen and to Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

Yeah you can be sorry for me. I licked my paw open…

The trip with the metal dragons was long, uncomfy and boring like a sermon. We got thirst like in a dessert. We found Water in Shaffhausen! What a luck!

There was an advertising with a cow for the Schafhuuser Puure Märkt

We must go there! Maybe there are the sheeps hidden!

This is mean. No dogs allowed and no sheeeps!

Yes the little one is right. It’s mean to must sit out side!

After this we visited castle Mundt and we got the first glimpse of the dear colony. I thought we where in Schaffhausen… where are the sheeps?

Now I need a drink deer instead of sheep’s!

At the top we mast charge the magical cooling wests. They are running low of steam.

We found canons and the little Gavriel tried his first time. A bit big for him…

The we made a horrific discovery a Medusa victim! We tried rescue procedures and protected the humans. But the curse was to strong. We couldn’t break it.

We left this poor man and called the local magical authorities.

We got a better view of the dear while leaving.

The humans got hungry. So the decided to go eating at Penpas.

The food looks so delicious.

The Lady was shopping in the local store at the dragon train station and we got some water from the nice Bretzelkönig woman.

Why are in Schaffhausen no sheeps? Maybe we look at the wrong place…

What do you say pratfall? Are there all sheeps?

No Rhine Fall. It’s a waterfall with nature!

Let’s go to the Rhine Falls!

Something is wrong with the dragon toll station… Magic cards and notes are not accepted… coin only. The little magic dragon has lost his magic horn to connect the central and refused to let by us tickets with out coins.

We searched for a second office and found one right in time for the train. To get a ticket can be complex as the best magic.

We arrived on the top of the Rhine Falls but the main attractions are on the bottom! Lucky us there is a lift!

The the little shit found the boats… His moaning you could hear to the Titisee.

I will in a boat! A Boat please!

The he lost it. I couldn’t climb in the beat. He thought it is a good idea to lift me with a crane in it!

To my luck it was out of order!

Mmpf… the idea was so good!

I am not so heavy! And if my paws stay dry I travel by boat. We explored the surrounding and found some nice places.

Okay let’s take some shots. Maybe the little one forget about the Mission “Find sheep!”

We found the sheep for mister puppy pubsi. I pressend Schaffhausen Sheep!

The sheep convinced the humans that it is time to get sea legs for Gavriel and that we should make a boat trip on the Rhine.

We drove to the water works! Gavriel enjoyed his trip.

The sheep and the humans were stunned and we used the time for a bit leisure.

Before we got an land we visited the Rhine Falls again. This time very close up. There was a rainbow but nobody was looking for the pot of gold.

The we said goodby to the Rheinfall cow.

So much water and nothing to drink! But we found this nice fountain for dog and human!

Now we must go to the metal dragon station. Gavriel tried to summon the dragon and got ignored. His magic credits are to low as apprentice…

The metal dragon arrived on time and was nice.

After the first flight we arrived in Schaffhusen. The servant got some local meat products. He dare to say nothing for us! So mean!

The whole time we could smell it and if you will take a pike he says no! And assume we want to claim it for us! What happened to him that he think this of us!

The next flight was awful. The dragon has gotten a cold and his grills where blocked. We got hot and the other dragons where infected to an could not leaf there stall. So he took a lot of passengers in. I was so glad of my cooling west!

The next dragon was better. Less people less hot.

His starting terminal was a bit strange… He lost time and demotion or something…

I swear I have done no portal magic. And I watched my squire like a hark! He has no miss habit, too.

The dragon was on time and we could start our last right.

Jedenfalls hieß es Einsteigen und Ausbreiten!

After this we must walk home. O dear where we tired!


We visited Schaffhausen and the Rhine Falls.


The travel via metal dragon is possible with tow collies. You should avoid main traffic times and use cooling wests on hot days.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white


Schaffhausen is a beautiful city and you can explore a lot. But it is a city with all pros and cones.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

The Rhine Falls are perfect for some hours with the dogs. We recommend to make a boat tour.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

There are some places where a doggy knight get some fresh water. Dogs are allowed nearly everywhere.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

Don’t forget the cooling wests on hot days.

Make a Boats tour.

Gavriel im Campus Galli

Campus Galli (2023)

In July we visited Campus Galli. I told Gavriel that there are interesting things to discover. There are little birds to chase and lovely wood branches to chew. And there is a top secret doggy knight armory with a black smith that makes custom made things.

Can we upgrade my dagger? PLEASE PLEASE!

Gavriel you have no manners!

PLEACE! Or I tell the Lady of you paw liking! She will bring back the cute pink socks!

Okey Okey but only a training sword!

Out Mission is: Get Gavriel a trainingsword.

But Campus Galli has more to offer. You can watch humans work in historical ways. You can sneak some magical herbs out. But be careful: Some are dangerous!

Campus Galli Tafel

After our arrival we changed to our cooling armor. You can not be to not careful enough! The sun rosted you fur faster as you can watch. The servant was red and well done in minutes.

Than we must wait. We booked a guided tour. But It took a lot of time to start. We used the waiting time for some fresh drinks and chilling in the shadows .

We learned that here in Messkirch they build the whole Plan of Saint Gall.

The first highlight was the hermit clause. The clause was originally build in St. Gallen (Switzerland) and transported to Campus Galli. It is a reconstruction of the clause of the Saint Gall.

The story was a bit fantastical. There were bears that where required to work for some bread and then the bears got banned from the ground. I must take a look in it. This could be useful intel.

The next place we visited was the big barn. We learned how the building was build and how to make a straw roof. The builder thinks that it will need 100 Years time till all buildings are finished. That are 4 human generations or 20 doggy generations” WOW!

At the moment the build a chicken coop. I must say breathtaking. Look how long the wooden sticks are! The male servant is small against it. This are practical trees.

To be save we checked the graveyard. The aura is great but something… make my belly turning.

Something? You refused to eat your dried fishes in the morning. The lady has tried to make it tastier for you with liver pate!

Gavriel everyday the same fishs are boring!

I am your squire! I shall watch after you. Eat your meals, master. Or I will do it!

You are right. Pupertating squires are the pest. Can I get a new one?

No you stuck with me!

Memo for me: Don’t check magical places with an empty tummy or low mana.

Than we took a look to the wooden church. There are cooling shadows and you can feel the effort that the humans put in the building.

The carpenter made their job well next to the church. It was interesting to look and chew some wood.

The humans got hungry. The buy some honey cake and some special dishes. We could only enjoy some crumbs and the smell. I demand sausage for everybody!

After this we visited the local traders market. The Lady got some ideas, mead and some snacks.

We watched different triads at work. Especially the turner was interesting for Gavriel.

At our way to the blacksmith we found the barrel maker. He has extra a little drinking barrel for little doggy knights.

I made a small detour to the herb garden. Be aware that are dangerous plants with photo toxic reactions. If the sun shines the burn you. I would recommend not to do it!

Unfortunately the black smith had closed and we only could checkout the building from the outside.

Okey no custom sword. We walked to the pottery. Maybe we can buy a water bowl. The humans measure with double standards. If I play in the dirt the roar “NO Lucien! NO Gavriel”, but if other humans play in the dirt and mud it is art…

But now luck here too. The bowls need 2 weeks till burning.

Then we looked to the basket weaver. We got some osier to chew from the nice woman. May she be blessed.

We looked to the clock and the humans said we must go back to the metal horse. Campus Galli closed in 10 Minutes. And we had not seen all buildings close! The humans buy some drinks and ice. And we relaxed until…

Is it time form my sword?

I think maybe yes. The lady has something behind her back!

I will be a real knight! What is that a butterfly? Where is my sword?

It looks like the lady think you are not ready my squire. I think you should try to be peaceful. Maybe next time…

I demand my sword!

My little squire was on the way back not so happy. But I think soon his time comes. The Lady has all ready decided his knight name. Gavriel will be Gavriel Nibblehead, but don’t tell the little man.


We explored Campus Galli today.


We had short and smooth ride. The landscape was beautiful.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold


Campus Galli is beautiful. The nature and the craftsmanship are stunning. The guided tour is something for first time visitors.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Campus Galli is a Eldorado for doggy knights. Nature and water bowls are nearly everywhere.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

Visit Campus Galli preferably at a nice spring or autumn day.

Take your time. You need more then 2 hours and you find behind every corner something new.

Campus Galli changes with everyday. To comeback some month or years later is a good idea.

Österreich – Salzburg Day 2 – Salzburg, Armor and Friends!

The day near Salzburg started with collie torture! We had to watch the humans eat! And nothing dropped. Humans are so voracious.

After this we start to explore the surroundings. I must state Austria is beautiful if it not rains!

The Lady must plan something. I heard her phoning and than we drove to a car park and waited.

The Lady ment it is time for the summer heat stop dress training. I look incredible… but there is something on my bum!

After some time a car arrived and a woman got out. She cuddled the Lady. Her voice sounds familiar from the PC at work. I conclude, the Lady knows the new woman. We started an examination and state the new woman is very nice.

The Woman lead us to a doggy park. Sometime later a man arrived with Samir our local guide. I – Gavriel – made friends with him. Samir is the office dog of Roscus and IL-DO Deutschland.

Friendship? I tried to protect you little nibbler and got a roasting!

Mmmh boss… maybe less stair and more tail wegging. The same thing that you Uncle Sam told…

It starts to rain cats and Dogs. We got wet, the camera got wet, the humans got wet too. We escaped under a roof.

I must say to temper the weather spell was not my finest idea. But can you understand? I hate driving cars.

We explored the castle Hellbrunn as group. It was fascinating. Something new behind every corner.

Do you know that there are metal dogs?

Or, that sturgeons and big carps a living in the basins here?

Apropos swimming. Samir swims regularly in the Salzach. I put out a paw to help him.

Snacktime! Why did Samir not try it? Yummy!

Samir must collect his new collar. We joined him and got some treats. Hudad found his souvenir. Mäckerchen (the little goat) was rescued for a donation to the local dog pound.

We have lunch break! So much walked…

After this we drove to a viewpoint. The view over Salzburg is breathtaking.

I could try my first own armor! Luck I smugg or?

Samir checked my armor. He meant I must get stronger to fill it out!

I checked master Luciens armor and correct the fit of Chorny Chong! Tss master you must dress well!

We walked to the Hohensalzburg!

The sun came out. But humoms camera wont make pictures. We had luck that hudads was working well. Master Lucien was proud of my posing skill development.

After this we explored Salzburg.

If the walls where less high I would see more!

I must say, the weather makes a interesting atmosphere. I call it the twilight of the gods.

The humans stopped in the Cafe Fürst. There we could relax and the humans drink a hot chocolate.

We saw horse wagons. And I got less scared.

Samir followed the wagon like a pro.

Next we visited Samirs workplace. He has a nice office and an indoor racing circle! I made a product test of the ” Il-Do-Körperkerze”.

I was allowed to clear out the office from treat and food traces. My cleaning work got best notes.

He removed with his long snute all treats under the desk and in the corners. Effortless.

After this I started the maintenance work of the masters sword. Tss… what a squire must do!

It was late but we got out to eat together dinner.

Now it’s bedtime. Rest well!


Today we meet our friends in Salzburg and explored this beautiful city.


We make only short travels, but the landscape is incredible.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold


We discovered the secrets of Salzburg. Beautiful City!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Salzburg is very dog friendly. The doggy knight can join on all visited places. There are bowls for doggies at some wells.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

The castle Hohensalzburg is good for walks. Use the walk to explore the city from top.

The Cafe Fürst is a good place to visit and relax. Test the Mozartkugeln there!

You need help with security or fire protection ask

Visit our friends from Il-Do Deutschland on Instagram!

Tag 22 – Laon, Metz und endlich zu Hause!

A new beautiful day has risen and the sun is shining over Laon, Metz and France. We are escaped the hostile British island and the curse themed to have stopped. I thank all magic for it!

Today is a special day! I the noble Sir Lucien Barkalot got five years old! But the humans are more in hangover as in celebration mood! I say we go out and look Laon at light! I have birthday! I decide today!

Leon is a old templar stronghold! Here is an old templar chapel. That must I explore! Very nice this place. Suddenly there are restauration works at the moment.

The we looked to the cathedral of Laon. At the morning light breathtaking! A local told us the history and that this is the onliest cathedral with cow head!

What a shot!

But here are more good ones!

The lady and the male servant were looking for goodies and bought me something. They said if I make my Paladin test well I get something really cool! A little spoiler because I use the scrying bowl!

The city is beauty. But we have to move on!

We made a stop in Metz.

We explored the city as the curse-o-meter start to beep. I cursed in three different languages. We arrived not good timed. Most of the restaurantes where in mid day break and the humans where hungry! There were no place for the Lady’s buddle! And the male servant got mind controlled again! The Lady found a disgusting public toilet. And raced to rescue of the servant that was nearly hit by a car. It is enough! I studied my spell list. A mirror spell! That it is! I placed it. If the weather goes bad is casualty. It is exhausting? So be it! This f* curse must stop before somebody got hurt!

Some minutes later the Lady and the servant got her food in a nice Italian ristorante. I got some bits too! It was delicious.

After this the lady got a baguette! And what got I a look to the meet display! No tastes here! I have birthday!

It got dark. The days got short while traveling and leaving the coast. But I spotted signs from well known places. I think we are near home! Really home?

The humans stopped suddenly! The bought some food, but after a short while we arrived home! The best birthday present ever! We are at home and look what I have got!

The real thing was the premium three country food bowl! Fish from Germany, real fresh baguette and food from England.

A real tasty meal. As the humans fall asleep a message from the wise Wizzard of Woof came in. He
congratulate to my successful quest. Wished my happy birthday and ask if I know what could be happened with his druid friends curse bowl for polluter? He has a broken one and 10 ill or injured apprentices.

I send my travel report from the last days. Since then I have nothing heard from druids or the curse.


We crossed France and arrived home.


The travel was long and exhausting. But a visit in Laon and Metz is a good recommendation!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white


Leon and Metz are beautiful towns. You can explore, learn and enjoy a lot! Take you time if you can.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Dogs are allout to explore Metz and Laon. There are beautiful places but don’t forget the water bowl for you doggy knight. Fresh drinking water for dogs is hard to get.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Useful information

Here you find more about the templar chapel.

Here you can read about the cathedral of Leon.

Egg search

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter

I heard that some of this festive days are coming for the humans. The prepare stuff and speak of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. There are many new words like Easter bunny, Easter basket and so many more!

But what celebrate the humans?! Status complicated! Some say it is the return of the light or the coming of the spring. Other say it is a celebration for Ostara. Some other say it is the miraculous of a Human called Jesus. More then 2000 years ago. I asked who is Jesus, but master Lucien said I am to young for this! The story is to cruel for my little ears. But I will know what Easter is!

What do the mighty squire? I can use technology and can read! So I read about this topic. Today is Maundy Thursday. What a ridiculous name for a random day in the year. Why the don’t call it >Last-Meal<-Day or >Chew-the-bone<-Day?!

So be it. Jesus eat at Maundy Thursday with his pack the last meal. One of the pack was a traitor and Jesus was caught and bound at a piece of wood. WHAT?! There are parts that a young dog can’t read without the Masters permission? That is ridiculous! The summary says that he died under torture and add easter sunday he came back to live! The celebrate of… a zombie?

I read better up the definition. Wow this Jesus tackled all the boxes!

IGITT! Wäh! This humans are sickening! The drink Jesus blood and eat his body every sunday after their high priest has done his magic! Now I understand why the informations are concealment and master Lucien don’t approve knowledge over it!

What this all has todo with fish, rabbit and eggs? No clue…

I eat my fish and then I will see what I find out this year! Please share your findings with me!

Day 16 – Avebury and Silver Hill

Today we keep with the prehistoric England. The stone circle of Stonehenge you could only enjoy from afar. Now we go to a place called Avebury. There you can touch the stones with your nose and climb on them! The weather was much better than yesterday!

The stones stand in the countryside of England. Nothing can stop a little run around them. The stones are breathtaking.

There are different patterns and you can feel the powerful magic there. For a future Paladin something that he must study.

The area is big. Luckily I took the Lady and the servant with me… STOP you humans sheeps! Really common my Lady! Here is the flog!

Some of the stones are special shaped and sacred fish welles. On them fish treats appear! I must checkout this holly magic!

Next to the stone circle is a little village. We explored it and found some witch craft shops. I bought some powerful holly stones and a magic bowl. Now a boot mage or a zombie army shall try!

After the shopping the humans get hungry. We walked to one of the taverns of the stone circle. I must eat outside! What a shame! But the food was okey and the Lady got some magic metal water can. I agree with this! It stops the plastic mass… It was warm and some human puppy smiled at me!

Next door was the Alexander Keiller Museum. For my surprise Collie-Knights where allowed. I must see with powerful objects are shown there!

Okey the look at stones and pots. How boring! Oh there is a goat bone meal behind the glass!

The Lady has squeaked! I ran to her rescue! Help! Help! A dog skeleton! The show here the bones of a powerful deceased dog wizard! I must free him and bury his remains!

*Bratz* AUA! What at all dog goddess power was this!? The skeleton hat bitten me with magic! I shall not thing about his familiar as little snack and he will not get rescued?! The bonny dog like the attention of the crowd! I shall bring the Wise Wizard of Woof a message?

What?! The last fool of his apprentices bones lay on Silbery Hill he shall collect them. I am a future paladin I will bring the wise wizard the bones of the lost soul! Humans we move to Silbery Hill!

We can’t get nearer? There is a invisible power wall and a banishment circle with bones… Holly dog goddess! Is this thing dysfunctional! We can’t move ever if we touch the ground. We must retreat! The wise wizard must do this! My Lady we must go now!

For the sake of the goddess the humans heard to my words and we shopped some special treats for me!

After this adventures I needed a rest. But the humans was curious about the next village. Grr… something is wrong with my weather spell! I got wet to the bones! It must be the banishment circle that messed with my powers!

Okey you got me… I have done the wrong spell! I should train a bit!

Thankfully the Lady cooked in the inn. It was delicious! Some hearty meal after all this work!


Today we go further in the prehistoric magic history of England.


The drive was short and fun but nothing special.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Silvery Hill is next to Avebury. You can’t get it really wrong.


The stone circle is incredible big. A doggy knight can run free for a while. The village is a beauty and there is a dog friendly museum!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Silvery Hill is only to look at it from far. You can make some pictures and that it is.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Dog friendliness

Avebury is a powerful place where a future paladin can recharge this Energie and have some fun.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Silvery Hill is only to look at it.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Useful information.

More over the Avebury Stone circle you can find here.

Something about Silvery Hill you can read here!

About the Alexander Keiller Museum you can read here.

Day 12 – Dartmoor and Looe


Juhu the humans will make a lazier day today! The will wash today and we will look to Looe, the next city. Maybe I can relax a bit today!

I shouldn’t speak my thoughts out! After the morning walk the wash odyssey started. The humans needed my help to find the washing house. And then the started the machine and the timeboxed tour to Looe.

The timebox where two hours. We found the harbor and many interesting shops.

The Lady can’t resist the gambling hall and lost one pound against my strictly advice!

While we looked the city we found shops with fish based treats and a dog shop with liver pate! I animated my stuff to by a lot of it!

The we must run to our laundry! The 2 Hours where over! It is a big advantage to have own fur!

Canonteign Falls

Now we go on. We drove to Canonteign Falls in Dartmoor. That are the biggest waterfalls of Dartmoor and had booked a tour about history and mining. The humans said that there is a big attraction for me! Will it be other doggy knights and ladies? Something special to eat?

We saw the big waterfalls and fern forest. Yes your ears function well the big attraction where ferns! Humans!

For our luck. I managed to convince some fairies to get along with us! But I must nog at some doors to get this running.

There were statures on the way a dragon without wings a deer, a hare and so on.

At last we managed to climb the biggest waterfall with my new english doggy friend. He must protect his lady hard because she had issues with height.

We stopped at a local inn and ate sine Scoons. I suged the crumbs of the humans in. It is not gut to leaf a place dirty!

I would take the armor treasure but the human staff refused to carry it! The the put me on a not working scale!

We had time left from the day and the human stuff was ready to tackle more of the moor.

It was like a safari. Cows appears on the street and sheeps jumps around without fence or walls – breathtaking for every herder.

Foggintor Quarry

We drove to the Foggintor Quarry as it starts to rain. The humans were so intelligent to walk on from the parking place.

I was never ever on so a short distance of a sheep. There were plenty sheeps! I showed disinterest so the humans not see that the herding instinct kicks in!

We walked along a “field” to the entrance of the quarry.

I don’t know that the lady is so good at climbing on rocks. At the start was a point with a steer drop to big for me. The Lady climbs down easily and the servant followed. Only stand at the edge and looked down to high for me.

The male servant carried me to the ground and we could explore the quarry. Here were sheeps to! And this delicious balls of sheep dumplings!

There are some paths in the quarry while we explored it started to rain hard. We were soaked and looked like wet rats as we arrived at the end!

The Lady removed her clothes unlady like. She undressed her trauthers in the Rain on the street! I was beyond shocked! I could only stare at her!

At the way home I suggested to the male servant to buy some thing for dinner. Nothing is better as an real dinner and a tea against the cold from the rain!

In the Inn we dried of and eat fresh cooked dinner.

I personally recycled some left overs.

In the evening the Lady screemed suddenly! She got attacked from a english tick! The nasty beast stuck at her rip!

The male servant was a hero! He got my tick removal kit from the car and removed it. I think the humans should get tick tablets too! Very less drama. Tick bites are nasty!


The day was packed with different activities from beautiful looking to shopping.


The travel to Looe was fast and easy. If you can take more then 2 hours for the city and the shops. Use the Parkplatz on the other side of the river. The city itself is only for locals.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Dartmoor is like a safari. Take it easy and drive slow to sea all animals!

The drive to Foggintor Quarry is more complex as it seams on paper. Animals roaming the street and pop up everywhere. You must walk a little while. Avoid bad weather.


In Looe you can find things for everyone. There are shops for dog treats too. And one Shop has things for allercial dogs!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The historical tour was pleasing. I was allowed to go everywhere. For dogs recemented!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The Foggintor Quarry was breathtaking for all Collie knights a must have seen. There are points to climb and to enjoy! Wild sheeps are running and a lake of clear water is there. For your own safety use a day with good weather. The Quarry is slippery.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Looe is perfect for a doggy visit. There are water bowls before shops and there are eating places where I allowed to enjoy.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dartmoor is balsam for a traveling Collie knight soul. The nature is relaxing and here you can be a dog.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Foggintor Quarry is a real adventure. You need the help of your humans from time to time but it is fun. For older dogs or herding dogs with herding ability it is not so ideal.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful information

All infos for dogs in Dartmoor are here.

About the waterfalls and the tours read here.

More about the Foggintor Quarry you can find here!

Humans should ware hiking boots and gear.

Christmas markets in Munich

We were on grant Christmas market tour in Munich. We had some days to spend and looked to many different markets. We were at the Residenzschloss-Weihnachtsmarkt, Am Sendlinger Tor, on the Marienplatz, at the Englischen Garten and in Schwabingen.

There was a speaking elk. I must inspect him close! As he started I lost my hat out of surprise!

Especially exciting where the different sledges!

The decorate the garbage bins too… How strange…

Every little Collie Knight get wound paws while walking. But there a so many places and stalls to enjoy!

There’s a figurine displays too!

I beautified some monuments.

Sometimes you must like your humans very well!

The stage was mine!

We were on different other spots in Munich but that is for an other story.



You can drive to Munich with a car well. But we recommend to use public transportation at least in the city.


There are different markets. You will find one for your taste!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Doggy Knights are allowed. But you should careful select time and location.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Useful Information

Important information you can find here!

The markets opens on different times look on the schedule!

We recommend to use public transportation!

Christmas market Freiburg

The lady and I was in Freiburg im Breisgau on the Christmas market! We send the male servant work and enjoyed our alone time.

The whole city is decorated!

There is live music on every corner.

The market got bigger this year. There so many interesting things!

And a carousel too!

The churches are decorated and you find there a place to relax and enjoy.

This year there is a foto stall.

Unfortunately humom has disconfigured the camera. But there are some good images.



The travel to Freiburg is complicated by car. If you can use public transportation.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white Bone white


The market is very interesting and you find new things everywhere.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Doggy knights are welcome, but it can be a bit packed.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Usful Information

The most important information about the market are here!

The market opens at 10 o’clock under the week.

We recommend to use public transportation.

Day 11 – Landsend, Penzance and St. Austell

On more day dawned on my travel. The male servant was going with me to the next bush. And I was so sleepy that I could barely move.

Then the lady got ready for the next drive und the metal horse starts working.

After a bit of time we were at a new part of the coast. It looks different and was called Lands End. What a funny name for the most west point in England!

Our first stop was the tourist center. I tried to breath fire like a dragon. With more or less success. I thought that was a good skill to my paladin character sheet! But the humans found it funny!

After this I inspected a new transportation device. Looks interesting but is louder then a dragon!

The we start to explore the coast. The wind was so strong that I nearly started flying!

I must say the cliffs are steep and the drop is far. Please don’t go to close to the edge!

The the humans made me to a feared pirate!

The male servant had have bad joke day! He tied my to an anchor. Even before I could make a funny thing!

We checked out the area around the farm. There are artists in the farm as well.

One of the clay artists made me a paw print! I got it a few weeks later!

There was a pirate artist, too! We made a photo together so we can’t forget each other.

There were sheeps and pigs! I saw both and I must say boring the were in a coral!

But the landscape was breathtaking!

After this we walked to the real Lands End point. Unfortunately there was no sign because of a bad storm was coming and the sign was demontage out of safety reasons.

But we have a image of the last house of England!

The the humans want shopping. The Lady and I waited for the shop and the the shop closed before the Lady could peak in! We found some interesting things in the other shops!

I was admired and photographed a lot.

After this we drove to Penzance a little city on our way back, We explored it.

The Lady got a new belt!

The we discovered the harbor. But we don’t found something real good to eat.

Because of this reason we drove to St. Austell. I watched the car and the humans were go eating. Because the found no tavern where I was allowed. But It was okay I could sleep! The metal tin is practical for sleeping.

The we drove back to the Inn. I got a good meal and I could sleep!


We review the drive to the most west point of England!


The drive was lang. One stop or two are needed.

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To Penzance we came fast. But you should look at it on a sunny day!

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St. Austell is an easy drive, but you need time to get there.

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Lands End is interesting and a very good place for a doggy knight. You must have see the farm with the pottery and the last house. The sign is optional but a nice to have! We recommend to go to Lands End.

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The little city Panzance is good to explore and there are nice shops. But the are closing early. We don’t found something to eat with a collie knight. Take something with you!

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We saw not many of St. Austell because it was late. The humans had have a great dinner. I was watching the metal horse!

Dog friendlines

Lands End is a very good place for a doggy knight. The ways are no problem even if the knight is older.

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Penzance is not the thing for a doggy knight but there is a belt maker. He has collars and leashes!

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St Austell is not so welcoming to we found not the right tavern for all of us. The doggy knight got the important job to watch the metal horse from inside.

Usful information

Information about Lands End you find here.

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