Category: Tag 16 – Aveburry and Silver Hill

Day 16 – Avebury and Silver Hill

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Today we keep with the prehistoric England. The stone circle of Stonehenge you could only enjoy from afar. Now we go to a place called Avebury. There you can touch the stones with your nose and climb on them! The weather was much better than yesterday!

The stones stand in the countryside of England. Nothing can stop a little run around them. The stones are breathtaking.

There are different patterns and you can feel the powerful magic there. For a future Paladin something that he must study.

The area is big. Luckily I took the Lady and the servant with me… STOP you humans sheeps! Really common my Lady! Here is the flog!

Some of the stones are special shaped and sacred fish welles. On them fish treats appear! I must checkout this holly magic!

Next to the stone circle is a little village. We explored it and found some witch craft shops. I bought some powerful holly stones and a magic bowl. Now a boot mage or a zombie army shall try!

After the shopping the humans get hungry. We walked to one of the taverns of the stone circle. I must eat outside! What a shame! But the food was okey and the Lady got some magic metal water can. I agree with this! It stops the plastic mass… It was warm and some human puppy smiled at me!

Next door was the Alexander Keiller Museum. For my surprise Collie-Knights where allowed. I must see with powerful objects are shown there!

Okey the look at stones and pots. How boring! Oh there is a goat bone meal behind the glass!

The Lady has squeaked! I ran to her rescue! Help! Help! A dog skeleton! The show here the bones of a powerful deceased dog wizard! I must free him and bury his remains!

*Bratz* AUA! What at all dog goddess power was this!? The skeleton hat bitten me with magic! I shall not thing about his familiar as little snack and he will not get rescued?! The bonny dog like the attention of the crowd! I shall bring the Wise Wizard of Woof a message?

What?! The last fool of his apprentices bones lay on Silbery Hill he shall collect them. I am a future paladin I will bring the wise wizard the bones of the lost soul! Humans we move to Silbery Hill!

We can’t get nearer? There is a invisible power wall and a banishment circle with bones… Holly dog goddess! Is this thing dysfunctional! We can’t move ever if we touch the ground. We must retreat! The wise wizard must do this! My Lady we must go now!

For the sake of the goddess the humans heard to my words and we shopped some special treats for me!

After this adventures I needed a rest. But the humans was curious about the next village. Grr… something is wrong with my weather spell! I got wet to the bones! It must be the banishment circle that messed with my powers!

Okey you got me… I have done the wrong spell! I should train a bit!

Thankfully the Lady cooked in the inn. It was delicious! Some hearty meal after all this work!


Today we go further in the prehistoric magic history of England.


The drive was short and fun but nothing special.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Silvery Hill is next to Avebury. You can’t get it really wrong.


The stone circle is incredible big. A doggy knight can run free for a while. The village is a beauty and there is a dog friendly museum!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Silvery Hill is only to look at it from far. You can make some pictures and that it is.

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Dog friendliness

Avebury is a powerful place where a future paladin can recharge this Energie and have some fun.

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Silvery Hill is only to look at it.

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Useful information.

More over the Avebury Stone circle you can find here.

Something about Silvery Hill you can read here!

About the Alexander Keiller Museum you can read here.