The Lake – The sea no matter – Titisee (2024)

Bei der Verwendung der Karten werden Inhalte von Drittservern geladen. Wenn Du dem zustimmst, wird ein Cookie gesetzt und dieser Hinweis ausgeblendet. Wenn nicht, werden Dir keine Karten angezeigt.

The are important news in the collie doghouse in Lenzkirch. Yes we have moved from Titisee and got our own garden. Squire Gavriel got gravly wounded and grumpier as a cat. Every pup has caused an explosion. We saw both his death! The Fish… medicine man was consulted and he found out that Gavriel has broken his claw including the claw bone.

You ask how my little squire got injured? We were hiking with the Lady to the nearest clam and took a sip. He stood on a stone and then he lost balance and got an involuntary bath and came out with a bloody paw! I thought he will bleed out!

In the Wutach-Clam must live a dark warlock that feared us paladins. In 10 Minutes all of our party where injured. The Lady sprend her ankle. The servant injured his hand and I got to the itchy plant…

But anyway, my squire feels bad and the Lady brought a companion home. A far traveled seal called Sebastian Seehund.

He tolled Gavriel from the sea and the coast. I don’t know why it should be so special. A large body of smelly not good tasting water, wet fur, big attacking doves … but okey the youth!

Lucien is thinking back to Tintagel and Tenby.

Then they start the idiotically competion >Who has more water…<. My little squire had not get the joke and brought biger and biger water bodies in play. Sebastian got it good by laughing. Gavriel showed him the cattle trough and called it sink.

Gavriel convinced the lady to drive to the Titisee. It is one of the biggest lakes in the region.

Gavriel showed Sebastian German whale fight (election). Sebastian don’t got it. A whale and an election are the same thing in German?

On the way the servant was in clown mode. Look at this!

The squire was sad as Sebastian explained that the Titisee is a lake and no real sea! The sea is no comparison to this little pond.

Together we walked at the shore and found a interesting sculpture.

We looked trough a binocular. Sebastian said. “If a water body to call a sea, you shouldn’t see the other shore, Gavriel.” Now Gavriel tried to convince the lady to a trip to the Schluchsee.

Gavriel asked: “What is the difference between a boat and a ship?” Sebastian explained “The size. All under 50m length is a boat!”

“Wow wie have 4 ships on our Titisee!” called the little one out. Then we took a closer look to a boat. Sadly the Lady said no boat tour today.

Gavriel showed Sebastian the Hotel >Maritim<. He said. “Look we are at the sea!” Sebastian was shaking his head. “This must be a human joke… Humans are strange!”

Review of the Titisee

You can go to the Titisee but don’t expect the attraction. You can walk a round the lake in less then 3 hours.


The landscape is great. You can ride by train near the lake.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold


Looking at the boats is fun. But it is not filling the whole day.

Dog friendliness

The area is dog friendly. You can take a stroll on the lake or sit in a cafe. You can use one of the ships for a round tour.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful information

You can explore a lot at the lake. Look for more information at the tourism center.

Beware of the algae. At the summer there could be itchy algeas in the lake the you should not tag a swimm.

Schaffhausen und Rhine Falls

Gavriel has not gotten his sea legs. Out of this reason he couldn’t participate on Pirate Month well. He is a bit jung to be a jolly sailor.

Tomorrow the magic month will starting. The grate finale will be Halloween. Witch will have more power and ghost dance all night. I made the mistake Gavriel to tell. Now we need a magic sheep for the a project… And he will only a sheep from Schaffhausen…

So we made a road trip by train. Because the Colliecar is broken down. Our trips goes from Hinterzarten to Villingen to Singen and to Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

Yeah you can be sorry for me. I licked my paw open…

The trip with the metal dragons was long, uncomfy and boring like a sermon. We got thirst like in a dessert. We found Water in Shaffhausen! What a luck!

There was an advertising with a cow for the Schafhuuser Puure Märkt

We must go there! Maybe there are the sheeps hidden!

This is mean. No dogs allowed and no sheeeps!

Yes the little one is right. It’s mean to must sit out side!

After this we visited castle Mundt and we got the first glimpse of the dear colony. I thought we where in Schaffhausen… where are the sheeps?

Now I need a drink deer instead of sheep’s!

At the top we mast charge the magical cooling wests. They are running low of steam.

We found canons and the little Gavriel tried his first time. A bit big for him…

The we made a horrific discovery a Medusa victim! We tried rescue procedures and protected the humans. But the curse was to strong. We couldn’t break it.

We left this poor man and called the local magical authorities.

We got a better view of the dear while leaving.

The humans got hungry. So the decided to go eating at Penpas.

The food looks so delicious.

The Lady was shopping in the local store at the dragon train station and we got some water from the nice Bretzelkönig woman.

Why are in Schaffhausen no sheeps? Maybe we look at the wrong place…

What do you say pratfall? Are there all sheeps?

No Rhine Fall. It’s a waterfall with nature!

Let’s go to the Rhine Falls!

Something is wrong with the dragon toll station… Magic cards and notes are not accepted… coin only. The little magic dragon has lost his magic horn to connect the central and refused to let by us tickets with out coins.

We searched for a second office and found one right in time for the train. To get a ticket can be complex as the best magic.

We arrived on the top of the Rhine Falls but the main attractions are on the bottom! Lucky us there is a lift!

The the little shit found the boats… His moaning you could hear to the Titisee.

I will in a boat! A Boat please!

The he lost it. I couldn’t climb in the beat. He thought it is a good idea to lift me with a crane in it!

To my luck it was out of order!

Mmpf… the idea was so good!

I am not so heavy! And if my paws stay dry I travel by boat. We explored the surrounding and found some nice places.

Okay let’s take some shots. Maybe the little one forget about the Mission “Find sheep!”

We found the sheep for mister puppy pubsi. I pressend Schaffhausen Sheep!

The sheep convinced the humans that it is time to get sea legs for Gavriel and that we should make a boat trip on the Rhine.

We drove to the water works! Gavriel enjoyed his trip.

The sheep and the humans were stunned and we used the time for a bit leisure.

Before we got an land we visited the Rhine Falls again. This time very close up. There was a rainbow but nobody was looking for the pot of gold.

The we said goodby to the Rheinfall cow.

So much water and nothing to drink! But we found this nice fountain for dog and human!

Now we must go to the metal dragon station. Gavriel tried to summon the dragon and got ignored. His magic credits are to low as apprentice…

The metal dragon arrived on time and was nice.

After the first flight we arrived in Schaffhusen. The servant got some local meat products. He dare to say nothing for us! So mean!

The whole time we could smell it and if you will take a pike he says no! And assume we want to claim it for us! What happened to him that he think this of us!

The next flight was awful. The dragon has gotten a cold and his grills where blocked. We got hot and the other dragons where infected to an could not leaf there stall. So he took a lot of passengers in. I was so glad of my cooling west!

The next dragon was better. Less people less hot.

His starting terminal was a bit strange… He lost time and demotion or something…

I swear I have done no portal magic. And I watched my squire like a hark! He has no miss habit, too.

The dragon was on time and we could start our last right.

Jedenfalls hieß es Einsteigen und Ausbreiten!

After this we must walk home. O dear where we tired!


We visited Schaffhausen and the Rhine Falls.


The travel via metal dragon is possible with tow collies. You should avoid main traffic times and use cooling wests on hot days.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white


Schaffhausen is a beautiful city and you can explore a lot. But it is a city with all pros and cones.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

The Rhine Falls are perfect for some hours with the dogs. We recommend to make a boat tour.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

There are some places where a doggy knight get some fresh water. Dogs are allowed nearly everywhere.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

Don’t forget the cooling wests on hot days.

Make a Boats tour.

Gavriel im Campus Galli

Campus Galli (2023)

In July we visited Campus Galli. I told Gavriel that there are interesting things to discover. There are little birds to chase and lovely wood branches to chew. And there is a top secret doggy knight armory with a black smith that makes custom made things.

Can we upgrade my dagger? PLEASE PLEASE!

Gavriel you have no manners!

PLEACE! Or I tell the Lady of you paw liking! She will bring back the cute pink socks!

Okey Okey but only a training sword!

Out Mission is: Get Gavriel a trainingsword.

But Campus Galli has more to offer. You can watch humans work in historical ways. You can sneak some magical herbs out. But be careful: Some are dangerous!

Campus Galli Tafel

After our arrival we changed to our cooling armor. You can not be to not careful enough! The sun rosted you fur faster as you can watch. The servant was red and well done in minutes.

Than we must wait. We booked a guided tour. But It took a lot of time to start. We used the waiting time for some fresh drinks and chilling in the shadows .

We learned that here in Messkirch they build the whole Plan of Saint Gall.

The first highlight was the hermit clause. The clause was originally build in St. Gallen (Switzerland) and transported to Campus Galli. It is a reconstruction of the clause of the Saint Gall.

The story was a bit fantastical. There were bears that where required to work for some bread and then the bears got banned from the ground. I must take a look in it. This could be useful intel.

The next place we visited was the big barn. We learned how the building was build and how to make a straw roof. The builder thinks that it will need 100 Years time till all buildings are finished. That are 4 human generations or 20 doggy generations” WOW!

At the moment the build a chicken coop. I must say breathtaking. Look how long the wooden sticks are! The male servant is small against it. This are practical trees.

To be save we checked the graveyard. The aura is great but something… make my belly turning.

Something? You refused to eat your dried fishes in the morning. The lady has tried to make it tastier for you with liver pate!

Gavriel everyday the same fishs are boring!

I am your squire! I shall watch after you. Eat your meals, master. Or I will do it!

You are right. Pupertating squires are the pest. Can I get a new one?

No you stuck with me!

Memo for me: Don’t check magical places with an empty tummy or low mana.

Than we took a look to the wooden church. There are cooling shadows and you can feel the effort that the humans put in the building.

The carpenter made their job well next to the church. It was interesting to look and chew some wood.

The humans got hungry. The buy some honey cake and some special dishes. We could only enjoy some crumbs and the smell. I demand sausage for everybody!

After this we visited the local traders market. The Lady got some ideas, mead and some snacks.

We watched different triads at work. Especially the turner was interesting for Gavriel.

At our way to the blacksmith we found the barrel maker. He has extra a little drinking barrel for little doggy knights.

I made a small detour to the herb garden. Be aware that are dangerous plants with photo toxic reactions. If the sun shines the burn you. I would recommend not to do it!

Unfortunately the black smith had closed and we only could checkout the building from the outside.

Okey no custom sword. We walked to the pottery. Maybe we can buy a water bowl. The humans measure with double standards. If I play in the dirt the roar “NO Lucien! NO Gavriel”, but if other humans play in the dirt and mud it is art…

But now luck here too. The bowls need 2 weeks till burning.

Then we looked to the basket weaver. We got some osier to chew from the nice woman. May she be blessed.

We looked to the clock and the humans said we must go back to the metal horse. Campus Galli closed in 10 Minutes. And we had not seen all buildings close! The humans buy some drinks and ice. And we relaxed until…

Is it time form my sword?

I think maybe yes. The lady has something behind her back!

I will be a real knight! What is that a butterfly? Where is my sword?

It looks like the lady think you are not ready my squire. I think you should try to be peaceful. Maybe next time…

I demand my sword!

My little squire was on the way back not so happy. But I think soon his time comes. The Lady has all ready decided his knight name. Gavriel will be Gavriel Nibblehead, but don’t tell the little man.


We explored Campus Galli today.


We had short and smooth ride. The landscape was beautiful.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold


Campus Galli is beautiful. The nature and the craftsmanship are stunning. The guided tour is something for first time visitors.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Campus Galli is a Eldorado for doggy knights. Nature and water bowls are nearly everywhere.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

Visit Campus Galli preferably at a nice spring or autumn day.

Take your time. You need more then 2 hours and you find behind every corner something new.

Campus Galli changes with everyday. To comeback some month or years later is a good idea.

Österreich – Salzburg Day 2 – Salzburg, Armor and Friends!

The day near Salzburg started with collie torture! We had to watch the humans eat! And nothing dropped. Humans are so voracious.

After this we start to explore the surroundings. I must state Austria is beautiful if it not rains!

The Lady must plan something. I heard her phoning and than we drove to a car park and waited.

The Lady ment it is time for the summer heat stop dress training. I look incredible… but there is something on my bum!

After some time a car arrived and a woman got out. She cuddled the Lady. Her voice sounds familiar from the PC at work. I conclude, the Lady knows the new woman. We started an examination and state the new woman is very nice.

The Woman lead us to a doggy park. Sometime later a man arrived with Samir our local guide. I – Gavriel – made friends with him. Samir is the office dog of Roscus and IL-DO Deutschland.

Friendship? I tried to protect you little nibbler and got a roasting!

Mmmh boss… maybe less stair and more tail wegging. The same thing that you Uncle Sam told…

It starts to rain cats and Dogs. We got wet, the camera got wet, the humans got wet too. We escaped under a roof.

I must say to temper the weather spell was not my finest idea. But can you understand? I hate driving cars.

We explored the castle Hellbrunn as group. It was fascinating. Something new behind every corner.

Do you know that there are metal dogs?

Or, that sturgeons and big carps a living in the basins here?

Apropos swimming. Samir swims regularly in the Salzach. I put out a paw to help him.

Snacktime! Why did Samir not try it? Yummy!

Samir must collect his new collar. We joined him and got some treats. Hudad found his souvenir. Mäckerchen (the little goat) was rescued for a donation to the local dog pound.

We have lunch break! So much walked…

After this we drove to a viewpoint. The view over Salzburg is breathtaking.

I could try my first own armor! Luck I smugg or?

Samir checked my armor. He meant I must get stronger to fill it out!

I checked master Luciens armor and correct the fit of Chorny Chong! Tss master you must dress well!

We walked to the Hohensalzburg!

The sun came out. But humoms camera wont make pictures. We had luck that hudads was working well. Master Lucien was proud of my posing skill development.

After this we explored Salzburg.

If the walls where less high I would see more!

I must say, the weather makes a interesting atmosphere. I call it the twilight of the gods.

The humans stopped in the Cafe Fürst. There we could relax and the humans drink a hot chocolate.

We saw horse wagons. And I got less scared.

Samir followed the wagon like a pro.

Next we visited Samirs workplace. He has a nice office and an indoor racing circle! I made a product test of the ” Il-Do-Körperkerze”.

I was allowed to clear out the office from treat and food traces. My cleaning work got best notes.

He removed with his long snute all treats under the desk and in the corners. Effortless.

After this I started the maintenance work of the masters sword. Tss… what a squire must do!

It was late but we got out to eat together dinner.

Now it’s bedtime. Rest well!


Today we meet our friends in Salzburg and explored this beautiful city.


We make only short travels, but the landscape is incredible.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold


We discovered the secrets of Salzburg. Beautiful City!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Salzburg is very dog friendly. The doggy knight can join on all visited places. There are bowls for doggies at some wells.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

The castle Hohensalzburg is good for walks. Use the walk to explore the city from top.

The Cafe Fürst is a good place to visit and relax. Test the Mozartkugeln there!

You need help with security or fire protection ask

Visit our friends from Il-Do Deutschland on Instagram!

I will the food!

Austria – Salzburg Day 1 – Rain, Pass und Adventures

Today I start my first travel. I am so excited! There is so much to see and explore!

But why must we us the stinky tin can?!

We traveled to Salzburg in Austria.

For the first time my little squire Gavriel joined us in the car for such a long time. The little love bug has such a fear for the car. The humans where at the medicine man with him and got some magic powder for him. But what he really needed was my fur. So be it. Let’s start the travel report.

The day started early. After a short walk we climbed into the car and the first big travel together started.

It rained cats and dogs. Two seconds and you get wet outside. The Lady drove perfectly to Bregenz our first stop. She needed to by a Vignette and eat something. But we noble knights stayed in the car very to wet outside.

After a short while in Austria we spotted the first mountains of the Alps.

After a long time the Lady stopped the thin can in Daalas and we explored the village. It was very good to stretch the paws.

After this we drove through many tunnels and big streets surrounded by the Alps.

The tunnels where incredible long. We were surprised as Vorarlberg tunnel was closed and we must drove through the high pass. I was glatt that the Lady had have winter tires.

If you watched the street carefully you get hungry!

It took us a long while till we reached our Inn Hinterkellaubauer. But it was stunning to see this mountains.

The smells were incredible and the chickens a real distraction.

Everywhere you get dog bags as souvenir.

The view was breathtaking.

If it would be not so wet!

Stop! Gavriel! What have you done with the sunshine spell?! Have you tempered my spell? So that the humans will not drive?

Err… it was… an accident… my Lord.

Gavriel! And I can’t figure out what got wrong! It is dangerous to temper with magic! Think on the slippery Pass! If you do this again, I bit in you little puffle bum!

The humans got hungry and we eat at a local Inn. The food looked tempting!

Gavriel grows a lot now. He tried to get some shares.

His success was small. he only got some carottes that the lady can’t eat. He eat his greens so maybe the weather get better tomorrow. Back at the hotel we got bathrobes and some food!


The first day traveling together in the Rain


The travel was long and the rain made it more complex.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white


The Alps are beautiful especially if it not rains,

Dog friendliness

The normal stops at the motorway are not the thing for a collie knight. But if you stopp on a village there is much to see and explore.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Useful Information

Take snow gear if you travel while pass.

Buy a Vignette before you use the motorway.

If you need a Inn go to Hinterkellaubauer.

If you will eat something amazing local? Visit Gasthof Göllhof.

Tag 22 – Laon, Metz und endlich zu Hause!

A new beautiful day has risen and the sun is shining over Laon, Metz and France. We are escaped the hostile British island and the curse themed to have stopped. I thank all magic for it!

Today is a special day! I the noble Sir Lucien Barkalot got five years old! But the humans are more in hangover as in celebration mood! I say we go out and look Laon at light! I have birthday! I decide today!

Leon is a old templar stronghold! Here is an old templar chapel. That must I explore! Very nice this place. Suddenly there are restauration works at the moment.

The we looked to the cathedral of Laon. At the morning light breathtaking! A local told us the history and that this is the onliest cathedral with cow head!

What a shot!

But here are more good ones!

The lady and the male servant were looking for goodies and bought me something. They said if I make my Paladin test well I get something really cool! A little spoiler because I use the scrying bowl!

The city is beauty. But we have to move on!

We made a stop in Metz.

We explored the city as the curse-o-meter start to beep. I cursed in three different languages. We arrived not good timed. Most of the restaurantes where in mid day break and the humans where hungry! There were no place for the Lady’s buddle! And the male servant got mind controlled again! The Lady found a disgusting public toilet. And raced to rescue of the servant that was nearly hit by a car. It is enough! I studied my spell list. A mirror spell! That it is! I placed it. If the weather goes bad is casualty. It is exhausting? So be it! This f* curse must stop before somebody got hurt!

Some minutes later the Lady and the servant got her food in a nice Italian ristorante. I got some bits too! It was delicious.

After this the lady got a baguette! And what got I a look to the meet display! No tastes here! I have birthday!

It got dark. The days got short while traveling and leaving the coast. But I spotted signs from well known places. I think we are near home! Really home?

The humans stopped suddenly! The bought some food, but after a short while we arrived home! The best birthday present ever! We are at home and look what I have got!

The real thing was the premium three country food bowl! Fish from Germany, real fresh baguette and food from England.

A real tasty meal. As the humans fall asleep a message from the wise Wizzard of Woof came in. He
congratulate to my successful quest. Wished my happy birthday and ask if I know what could be happened with his druid friends curse bowl for polluter? He has a broken one and 10 ill or injured apprentices.

I send my travel report from the last days. Since then I have nothing heard from druids or the curse.


We crossed France and arrived home.


The travel was long and exhausting. But a visit in Laon and Metz is a good recommendation!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white


Leon and Metz are beautiful towns. You can explore, learn and enjoy a lot! Take you time if you can.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Dogs are allout to explore Metz and Laon. There are beautiful places but don’t forget the water bowl for you doggy knight. Fresh drinking water for dogs is hard to get.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Useful information

Here you find more about the templar chapel.

Here you can read about the cathedral of Leon.

Day 21 – Whitstable and Laon

The day started not very optimal. We had planned a smooth last day in England with exploring Dover Castle and Folkstone. Instead we raced over the island to get a APHA. Now you ask what is an APHA? It is the only way to get home if you lost your european pet pass! This document only VETs can make! It looks like so!

To find a VET that is willing to make the document is a difficult quest, too! We found Lady Dane Veterinary Center in Whitstable but we must get there in time.

The day started with a car ride. We came there to early and decided to visit Whitstable Castle. Harmonie and peace teams to be restored in our company. I could breathe again.

We explored the beautiful castle and I made some very good shoots. The weather spell is in check again. See for yourself!

The little park next to the castle shows some interesting things over the culture of the homosapiens.

The curse-o-meter starts to ring! I tried to set a counter-curse! This magical problem is nasty!

What shall I say. The Lady drove to Herne for the VET visit. Unfortunately the male servant… has done something wrong… he swapped the location of the main branch with the branch of our appointment.

You can guess where we should had been… Yes right we should have been in Whitestable. The Mount Lady exploded. Her cry must be heard till Scotland. We must drive fast to the other location again and spend extra hours in the car. The explosion yesterday was nothing compared to the eruption of Mount Lady!

We drove to Whitstable again. This time to the VET. Some clients start to admire me! For the certificate I have only to look health, wagg my tail and show a rabies vaccination certificate. The the vet starts to fill out the 12 Pages and stamped it several times. The you are good to go.

After we got the paper we start our journey back. We drove to the Euro tunnel and hoped that the humans can pass with there ID cards. The must declare there passports as lost and had some explanations to do, but the could leave. You will not be leave what I found on the English side of the tunnel. The have a whole agility parkour. The Europeans must be do the same.

I was the conductor of the Euro tunnel express!

The we left for the train! It is amazing to what the car ballett!

The drive with the train only lasted 30 Minutes. The Humans drove us fast away. The countryside was different. No crying sea birds no salty air. After hours we stopped.

The humans makes jokes! The say it is my throne! That are electric tin can feeding stations!

And the got food and I got nothing! I request a new set of companions!

My anti curse got buggy. The tin can needs fuel and the refineries are striking! We found a gas station and the car before us damaged the station and the lady has inserted the credit card and got no gas and stuck with a 0.00 machine that will not aboard. Mount Lady erupted again! Over one hour waiting for nothing! The started the next try in Leon. We waited a hour again an then only one car was before us… Humom was relieved that she can feed the tin can… We smelled the gas… The old rusty tin can before us will move… BAM. The old thing don’t startet! Humom got out of the car and with the power of her furriosity she got the thing moving. Very impressive Magic!

We are running late and can’t enjoy Laon. The city is breathtaking!

Interesting the humans have only a small backpack… We will not stay long I assume. The humans here use another tongue. Mount Lady is boiling. The male servant let her carry the heavy backpack…

We made a nighttime walk. Laon is very beautiful at night!

The humans tried something new the found a restaurant called Comme à Damas. It opend some days ago and tests very good. I got some flatbread to judge the quality.

Tiered we got back to the In. What will we do tomorrow? This is day is special! I have birthday! I get five! This is a secret don’t tell anyone!


We drove over the canal and are back in France!


The weather dity was on our side today. The sun was bright but the car time was long. But what could the humans do against a union strike in a France and a extra drive around the island!

Whitstable Castle is a recommendation. You can stretch your legs and have some fun.


Whitstable and the euro tunnel are nice. You can have fun while exploring. Laon at night is worth a travel for itself.

Dog friendliness

Especially the euro tunnel on the uk side has fun things for a doggy knight. You can do agility or siff the huds. The drive was extra long but we have not planned spend extra 2.5h for refuel.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Useful Information

Lady Dane Veterinary Center is very nice and caretaking. The VETs and the stuff are very friendly. You can get an appointment for the APHA on short notice.

You can leave UK with your ID-Cards but you must declare your loose to the stuff.

Laon is beauty! You must look for the dog portraits! Unfortunately no collie is found.

Egg search

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter

I heard that some of this festive days are coming for the humans. The prepare stuff and speak of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. There are many new words like Easter bunny, Easter basket and so many more!

But what celebrate the humans?! Status complicated! Some say it is the return of the light or the coming of the spring. Other say it is a celebration for Ostara. Some other say it is the miraculous of a Human called Jesus. More then 2000 years ago. I asked who is Jesus, but master Lucien said I am to young for this! The story is to cruel for my little ears. But I will know what Easter is!

What do the mighty squire? I can use technology and can read! So I read about this topic. Today is Maundy Thursday. What a ridiculous name for a random day in the year. Why the don’t call it >Last-Meal<-Day or >Chew-the-bone<-Day?!

So be it. Jesus eat at Maundy Thursday with his pack the last meal. One of the pack was a traitor and Jesus was caught and bound at a piece of wood. WHAT?! There are parts that a young dog can’t read without the Masters permission? That is ridiculous! The summary says that he died under torture and add easter sunday he came back to live! The celebrate of… a zombie?

I read better up the definition. Wow this Jesus tackled all the boxes!

IGITT! Wäh! This humans are sickening! The drink Jesus blood and eat his body every sunday after their high priest has done his magic! Now I understand why the informations are concealment and master Lucien don’t approve knowledge over it!

What this all has todo with fish, rabbit and eggs? No clue…

I eat my fish and then I will see what I find out this year! Please share your findings with me!

Day 20 – Windsor, Dover and Explosions

I tried my best to protect my stuff from the influence of a black magic curse. I used all my knowledge but I could only lessen this curse.

The day started with searching for a new Inn. The lady manged to get a new one in time. What a releave!

The whole car was depacked and checked for the missing passports. Result: No passports found. Then I heard a terrible bang and the Lady cried and cursed! She didn’t got the step to the kitchen right and banged her knee again the metal radiator on the wall. I tried my best healing spell, but the curse tempered it!

The situation was dire. The Lady and I started the war mode. She delegated following tasks to the male servant first call the old Inns, second call the German embassy and third finde a VET for my travel papers. She texted my German VET Mr. Reinle and he wrote instand back a paper for his colleague. Thanks again my most liked VET! Now the Lady started driving and the male servant should do is tasks.

The deflection of this bloody curse drained my energie. So it start to rain cats and dogs while my good weather spell was weekend.

The enemy must be a whole school of wizards or a big deity! There is no other explanations! Now the have taken over the mind of the servant! This is the only reason why he could be so… space cadet like! The Lady was in pain but drove the tin can very well. The servant took a nap and don’t do his tasks! I hided under my pillow as I saw how close the Lady was to explode.

For my instand releave, the tin can stopped ad Windsor Castle. I tried to realign the healing spell, but the Lady was very unhappy. Her knee turned purple and doubled its size.

She smiles regardless of the situation and pain. We could take a look on the outside of Windsor castle. This curse made it closes as we arrived. I protested loudly an called for the manger. Unfortunately nobody listend.

The Lady had have four goals. First something to eat, second something to drink, third a pain realve pill and last a puddle place. The male servant was like remote controlled from the enemy! He runs a round like a headless chicken and made a dire situation worse. I tried to made the best of the day and explored the city.

Humans in other countries have strange things!

We found a Corgi monument!

I inspected this peace of finest art. A very good mage must have frozen this corgis in time!

Unfortunately the pain tolerance of the Lady was reached. She called the NAS for advice if she should visit a hospital or not. The nice Lady suggested to visit if need the hospital of Canterbury for x-rays. The Lady decided to take the pain and more pain releave till she is in Germany. She was nearly unable to walk and walking on only one leg is not possible for humans! The remote controlled servant don’t understand how important pain releave and water where now. And the first explosion of the Lady started!

After the cool down of the Lady we manged to go back to the tin can. We were near our transporting device as a huge metal beast appeared! I stopped it with a spell. This hide home close!

The Lady took over and released that he hasn’t phoned the embassy, nor the VETs. I thought about to rent a dragon to bring me home. It would be as comfy as this ride. The possibility was high that she will abandon the male servant on service station!

She called the embassy and now it got tangled up! The nice Lady from the emergency department has hat now plan. We shall call the other number. But they where so busy, that we don’t got through.

We got redealed to the first lady and she tolled us that we must come to London with photographs an lots of time. The tunnel was already booked and we need export papers for me too! Impossible in this time frame!

Now the panic mode of the Lady started. We have past London 2 hours ago. The male servant don’t show any sign that he understand what that meant. That we must possible stay 2 weeks longer here. He don’t show any signs of submission or realization. I hide hinter the car as the Lady exploded again! It was a supernova out of rage! Her cry must be heard in France. All in the Inn are looking at us. She send him packing and ordered me to observe him closely. She called the police and the embassy to get our passports listed as stolen. We looked for a photo booth and a VET. We found a vet on the other side of island. We were run done on our last nerves.

But the nice hotel hat a place for me to sit and feed the humans. I got a portion of fish & chips but no whole portion as the suggested in the start of the travel! But I hope the curse is deflected now!

To get my papers in time we must remove Dover-Castle from our bucked list.

To our joy the lady from the embassy called again. She spocke with her superiors. We can try with our ID-Carts but without guaranty! Tomorrow it will be…


Today we start travel back.


The weather condtions where bad to dangerous. Not a good day to travel. But resembled the mood of the Lady!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white Bone white


Windsor Castle is stunning, but it rained and it was closed.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

Dog friendliness

There are not much places for a drink in Windsor.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white Bone white

The Hotel Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel is very dog friendly! There are places where you can eat with your humans.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

Don’t loose you pass ports and travel with your ID-Cards extra! With the ID-Card you can leave to france! You must explane and file the lost of your passports.

The German embassy is very busy. You need lots of time and patience.

You must file you passports as stolen/missing at the embassy. The say you should do at the police too, but the officers don’t know what todo with this request.

If you will read more about Windsor Castle look on there homepage. Check the opening times there too!

Day 19 – Hurst Castle and New Forest Nationalpark

The day started late. The humans spend the morning in the bed. Time to rest for a poor Collie Knight. The humans packed up the tin can. I have the sneaky suspicion that we will not be long here anymore. The humans cleaned up and moved the suitcases. Now we could start.

Suddenly the lady stopped the car. There were wild boars on the road!

OMD again! This time houses on the street! Maybe the sign has an real meaning!

The Lady paid a lot attention to the road. We meet cows and pheasants, until we arrived at the coast. We spend some time looking at the coast before we got in a little nutshell like boat. Yes I can use a boot for traveling. It is not my first time.

So we came to the coast of Hurst Castle.

Like the old sailors say I cought a stiff breeze with my fur!

We explored the inside of Hurst Castle. A dungeon of an daemon lord could look like this! Maybe it could be my main castle!

I found a weapon ans stuff room. Here I should plunder!

Now the big canons are coming.

I have the suspension that something is wrong with this canon…

Now I know it is sighted on the last wall. How has decorated it like this? He must go back in the basic class of architecture … or is this the self destroy function?

Oh have I said big canon to the tiny wee thing? This is a big canon!

We explored the big fortress. Behind every corner is something new!

We walked so many stairs! Up to the rooftop down to the belly of the fort!

I got a lesson in castle architecture!

I take it back! I will not have this rotten castle! It costs millions every year! A whole wing is closed and another is tumbeld because of the sea!

We got on the rooftop! The view is good!

Ah! Here are the lost communication rooms!

There are interesting things on the rooftop! I found fresh water too!

After exploring all! I must state that the bad mage has left because the maintenance cost of this building. But I got a Castle Diplome because I sniffed all letters out for the big test!

The lady was proud of me! We celebrated at the >Café< next doors!

Then we explored the surrounding area! The lighthouse is special! I trained my illusion magic on it!

Look at this! The lighthouse is more the one building! Have I done well?

The we found train tracks in the void! I explored it and it maybe be way to Hogwarts.

Unfortunately not. The go to another entrains of the castle. After this we got back to the little boat! It took us to the other side!

I got a VIP place at the front! Corni Shong was pleased by the view!

In the little boat we has a beautiful girl! I got to know her in the castle. Unfortunately she is promised to someone else!

With the pain in my hearth, I got angry as I remember that my pirates armor is damaged. So many boats ready to enter!


Of d**m. I think my magic is gone rough! I hope it will not bad happening. I moved from the beat with all my graze! Nobody has seen my magic misshabit! Now we driving to New Forest Nationalpark.

Attention, Lady! There are horses! We are surrounded!

After a while we found a place to park. We started to explore the surroundings! I found a druid school. I ask If I could visit a class!

What, by all holy and unholy things, means connect with the ears!

OMD! Why shall i wadle with my paws in this position?!

Äh… kiss and hug a tree?!

I think this kind of magic is not for me! Hey why you are running! *Puff* A attack with black magic?!

I must investigate this!

Where is the source of this evil? Maybe here?

Ah! Oui! A miniature dragon with belly problems! He is unwell!

I gave him some of my potions and healing magic. Now the bone is out!

What I am now a Druid? WOW!

Ehm… my humans must be feet and the rain will starts soon! Sorry mister druid master… I have to go and can’t take you position!

By the love of the godess! He has tried to eat my ear. I hope he is not angry about my fast departure!

We stopped to feed the humans in a nice Inn. I could only walk outside! But I need a pause really! So no problem waiting in the car!

It got late and the Inn keeper gave the humans some little thing for the way!

The streets where small and narrow. And Bam… to mirrors touched. It was okey nobody was injured and the dispute was settled. But what a scare!

The the lady spoke from getting home soon. I blinked. My big travel is over soon? We go home? Should I be sad or happy?

I must have unpleased a good totally today or the black mage must found out that I sniffed in Hurst Castle. A big course came through our wards! The Lady found out that our passports are missing. We hoped that they are on the bottom of the packed car but we were unsure. After this shock the next Inn wrote that we can’t stay there and I got tummy ache!


Today we have done two total different things


The trip to Hurst Castle was pleasant. It rained a bit but it was okey.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

The drive through the New Forest National Park is good. Pay attention to free roaming animals and the small narrow streets. You can lost a mirror quick!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white


Hurst Castle is a big recommendation! You can see and explore many. Suddenly a wing collapses from the sea and parts are closed for the visitors.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The New Forest National Park is stunning. You can see so many things and smell a whole other world.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Dog friendliness

Hurst Castle is very dog friendly. Every Collie Knight is welcome with his friends. If you have time visit this castle!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The New Forest National Park is beautiful and a must seen for a doggy knight. He can explore tracks of animals and use his little feets.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

Read more about Hurst Castle at english Heritage. You find the opening hours there as well. Hurst Castle is closed from November to April.

The New Forest National Park is very big. Look to the Webseide for more information!

If you will eat well go to Old Station Tea Room!