Day 13 – Looe and Pendennis

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The day started unexpected. I could sleep late! The sun shone and the human stuff was ready for a nice walk to Looe!

We walked at the coast path to Looe. We know some good places because of the scouting yesterday. The humans want shopping.

They found plenty of useless stuff and squeaked regularly.

We are now proud owners of a plush sheep and a plush sheltie.

After this the Lady got hungry! No one argued with a hungry Lady. The male servant found a dog knight friendly cafe. The Lady got a >cornish Breakfast<! I call it a meet plate with egg, beans and bread! I went some and got only microscopic crumbs. I protest! I do not consent with such a treatment!

Some local folks greeted me and was over the moon that I speak with them!

We walked through a film set. Maybe may noble body will shown in a English TV-Show.

The we got a very important quest from the goddess of Rain >Buy the male servant a water proved jacked<. First I though this is easy, but after a lots of waiting time later I know it is easier to produce a doggy knight armor as this. After a long time he decided to by the blue jacked and I could finally explore some more of the coast!

We walked back to our Inn and I found some palms! You see right! Palms at the britisch Coast!

We started the thin can and drove to Pendennis. It is a military fortress from the 16th century. It was used until the World War II.

At least the local tour guide said.

My new friend showed me the entrance, too!

We could visit some interesting stuff there. Especially the cannons where nice! Could you see me protect the whole world?

The Lady bought a tool kit to comunicate with local dragons! Hey stop! Why I got this on me!

We visited the castle it self and got a guided tour. It was very interessting only the stairs where steep and small.

We got lucky! We saw a rainbow!

After this we visited the half moon bay. We saw the big modern canons and we walked through the guard ways and big hills.

After this action we are gone back to the shop and the entrance. There was a big bowl of water for me.

Bevor we leave I posed for the shop girls! I am real eye catcher in my armor. I have had not enough Sir-Barkalot-Memorabilien for the requests!

On the way to the car I got a new friend, a local Dalmatian. He was really nice.

Ad the end we made a short visit of Liskeard. The humans were hungry again and it got dark. I got the noble task to watch over the thin can.

If I am honest, short after the humans wehre gone I fall asleep. Please don’t tell the humans! I got lots of prays and cookies for this task…


We explored the coast and the military history of UK.


The coast path with sunshine is a dream for a Collie Knight. You can enjoy the sea and walk as long as you will.

Driving to Pendennis is beautiful. You can sea very differed landscapes.


In Looe you can find things for everyone. There are shops for dog treats too. And one Shop has things for allercial dogs! There is a Cafe where doggy knights are welcome. It is on the harbor.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The military historic tour at Castle Pendennis is a good recommendation. The Collie Knight is learning lots of interesting stuff and can touch some weapon systems with his nose. The shop is very unique and the stuff is great. There you get the dragon communication kit.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Looe is perfect for a doggy visit. There are water bowls before shops and there are eating places where I allowed to enjoy.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Pendennis is very dog friendly, too. The Doggy Knight can see and explore everything. The Shop-keeper and tour guides where blown away from me.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful information

The Lookout is a place for a good breakfast for a Doggy Knight.

Pendennis Castle is part of English Heritage. If you can visit it!

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