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Österreich – Salzburg Day 2 – Salzburg, Armor and Friends!

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The day near Salzburg started with collie torture! We had to watch the humans eat! And nothing dropped. Humans are so voracious.

After this we start to explore the surroundings. I must state Austria is beautiful if it not rains!

The Lady must plan something. I heard her phoning and than we drove to a car park and waited.

The Lady ment it is time for the summer heat stop dress training. I look incredible… but there is something on my bum!

After some time a car arrived and a woman got out. She cuddled the Lady. Her voice sounds familiar from the PC at work. I conclude, the Lady knows the new woman. We started an examination and state the new woman is very nice.

The Woman lead us to a doggy park. Sometime later a man arrived with Samir our local guide. I – Gavriel – made friends with him. Samir is the office dog of Roscus and IL-DO Deutschland.

Friendship? I tried to protect you little nibbler and got a roasting!

Mmmh boss… maybe less stair and more tail wegging. The same thing that you Uncle Sam told…

It starts to rain cats and Dogs. We got wet, the camera got wet, the humans got wet too. We escaped under a roof.

I must say to temper the weather spell was not my finest idea. But can you understand? I hate driving cars.

We explored the castle Hellbrunn as group. It was fascinating. Something new behind every corner.

Do you know that there are metal dogs?

Or, that sturgeons and big carps a living in the basins here?

Apropos swimming. Samir swims regularly in the Salzach. I put out a paw to help him.

Snacktime! Why did Samir not try it? Yummy!

Samir must collect his new collar. We joined him and got some treats. Hudad found his souvenir. Mäckerchen (the little goat) was rescued for a donation to the local dog pound.

We have lunch break! So much walked…

After this we drove to a viewpoint. The view over Salzburg is breathtaking.

I could try my first own armor! Luck I smugg or?

Samir checked my armor. He meant I must get stronger to fill it out!

I checked master Luciens armor and correct the fit of Chorny Chong! Tss master you must dress well!

We walked to the Hohensalzburg!

The sun came out. But humoms camera wont make pictures. We had luck that hudads was working well. Master Lucien was proud of my posing skill development.

After this we explored Salzburg.

If the walls where less high I would see more!

I must say, the weather makes a interesting atmosphere. I call it the twilight of the gods.

The humans stopped in the Cafe Fürst. There we could relax and the humans drink a hot chocolate.

We saw horse wagons. And I got less scared.

Samir followed the wagon like a pro.

Next we visited Samirs workplace. He has a nice office and an indoor racing circle! I made a product test of the ” Il-Do-Körperkerze”.

I was allowed to clear out the office from treat and food traces. My cleaning work got best notes.

He removed with his long snute all treats under the desk and in the corners. Effortless.

After this I started the maintenance work of the masters sword. Tss… what a squire must do!

It was late but we got out to eat together dinner.

Now it’s bedtime. Rest well!


Today we meet our friends in Salzburg and explored this beautiful city.


We make only short travels, but the landscape is incredible.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold


We discovered the secrets of Salzburg. Beautiful City!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Salzburg is very dog friendly. The doggy knight can join on all visited places. There are bowls for doggies at some wells.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

The castle Hohensalzburg is good for walks. Use the walk to explore the city from top.

The Cafe Fürst is a good place to visit and relax. Test the Mozartkugeln there!

You need help with security or fire protection ask

Visit our friends from Il-Do Deutschland on Instagram!

I will the food!

Austria – Salzburg Day 1 – Rain, Pass und Adventures

Today I start my first travel. I am so excited! There is so much to see and explore!

But why must we us the stinky tin can?!

We traveled to Salzburg in Austria.

For the first time my little squire Gavriel joined us in the car for such a long time. The little love bug has such a fear for the car. The humans where at the medicine man with him and got some magic powder for him. But what he really needed was my fur. So be it. Let’s start the travel report.

The day started early. After a short walk we climbed into the car and the first big travel together started.

It rained cats and dogs. Two seconds and you get wet outside. The Lady drove perfectly to Bregenz our first stop. She needed to by a Vignette and eat something. But we noble knights stayed in the car very to wet outside.

After a short while in Austria we spotted the first mountains of the Alps.

After a long time the Lady stopped the thin can in Daalas and we explored the village. It was very good to stretch the paws.

After this we drove through many tunnels and big streets surrounded by the Alps.

The tunnels where incredible long. We were surprised as Vorarlberg tunnel was closed and we must drove through the high pass. I was glatt that the Lady had have winter tires.

If you watched the street carefully you get hungry!

It took us a long while till we reached our Inn Hinterkellaubauer. But it was stunning to see this mountains.

The smells were incredible and the chickens a real distraction.

Everywhere you get dog bags as souvenir.

The view was breathtaking.

If it would be not so wet!

Stop! Gavriel! What have you done with the sunshine spell?! Have you tempered my spell? So that the humans will not drive?

Err… it was… an accident… my Lord.

Gavriel! And I can’t figure out what got wrong! It is dangerous to temper with magic! Think on the slippery Pass! If you do this again, I bit in you little puffle bum!

The humans got hungry and we eat at a local Inn. The food looked tempting!

Gavriel grows a lot now. He tried to get some shares.

His success was small. he only got some carottes that the lady can’t eat. He eat his greens so maybe the weather get better tomorrow. Back at the hotel we got bathrobes and some food!


The first day traveling together in the Rain


The travel was long and the rain made it more complex.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white


The Alps are beautiful especially if it not rains,

Dog friendliness

The normal stops at the motorway are not the thing for a collie knight. But if you stopp on a village there is much to see and explore.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Useful Information

Take snow gear if you travel while pass.

Buy a Vignette before you use the motorway.

If you need a Inn go to Hinterkellaubauer.

If you will eat something amazing local? Visit Gasthof Göllhof.