Gavriel im Campus Galli

Campus Galli (2023)

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In July we visited Campus Galli. I told Gavriel that there are interesting things to discover. There are little birds to chase and lovely wood branches to chew. And there is a top secret doggy knight armory with a black smith that makes custom made things.

Can we upgrade my dagger? PLEASE PLEASE!

Gavriel you have no manners!

PLEACE! Or I tell the Lady of you paw liking! She will bring back the cute pink socks!

Okey Okey but only a training sword!

Out Mission is: Get Gavriel a trainingsword.

But Campus Galli has more to offer. You can watch humans work in historical ways. You can sneak some magical herbs out. But be careful: Some are dangerous!

Campus Galli Tafel

After our arrival we changed to our cooling armor. You can not be to not careful enough! The sun rosted you fur faster as you can watch. The servant was red and well done in minutes.

Than we must wait. We booked a guided tour. But It took a lot of time to start. We used the waiting time for some fresh drinks and chilling in the shadows .

We learned that here in Messkirch they build the whole Plan of Saint Gall.

The first highlight was the hermit clause. The clause was originally build in St. Gallen (Switzerland) and transported to Campus Galli. It is a reconstruction of the clause of the Saint Gall.

The story was a bit fantastical. There were bears that where required to work for some bread and then the bears got banned from the ground. I must take a look in it. This could be useful intel.

The next place we visited was the big barn. We learned how the building was build and how to make a straw roof. The builder thinks that it will need 100 Years time till all buildings are finished. That are 4 human generations or 20 doggy generations” WOW!

At the moment the build a chicken coop. I must say breathtaking. Look how long the wooden sticks are! The male servant is small against it. This are practical trees.

To be save we checked the graveyard. The aura is great but something… make my belly turning.

Something? You refused to eat your dried fishes in the morning. The lady has tried to make it tastier for you with liver pate!

Gavriel everyday the same fishs are boring!

I am your squire! I shall watch after you. Eat your meals, master. Or I will do it!

You are right. Pupertating squires are the pest. Can I get a new one?

No you stuck with me!

Memo for me: Don’t check magical places with an empty tummy or low mana.

Than we took a look to the wooden church. There are cooling shadows and you can feel the effort that the humans put in the building.

The carpenter made their job well next to the church. It was interesting to look and chew some wood.

The humans got hungry. The buy some honey cake and some special dishes. We could only enjoy some crumbs and the smell. I demand sausage for everybody!

After this we visited the local traders market. The Lady got some ideas, mead and some snacks.

We watched different triads at work. Especially the turner was interesting for Gavriel.

At our way to the blacksmith we found the barrel maker. He has extra a little drinking barrel for little doggy knights.

I made a small detour to the herb garden. Be aware that are dangerous plants with photo toxic reactions. If the sun shines the burn you. I would recommend not to do it!

Unfortunately the black smith had closed and we only could checkout the building from the outside.

Okey no custom sword. We walked to the pottery. Maybe we can buy a water bowl. The humans measure with double standards. If I play in the dirt the roar “NO Lucien! NO Gavriel”, but if other humans play in the dirt and mud it is art…

But now luck here too. The bowls need 2 weeks till burning.

Then we looked to the basket weaver. We got some osier to chew from the nice woman. May she be blessed.

We looked to the clock and the humans said we must go back to the metal horse. Campus Galli closed in 10 Minutes. And we had not seen all buildings close! The humans buy some drinks and ice. And we relaxed until…

Is it time form my sword?

I think maybe yes. The lady has something behind her back!

I will be a real knight! What is that a butterfly? Where is my sword?

It looks like the lady think you are not ready my squire. I think you should try to be peaceful. Maybe next time…

I demand my sword!

My little squire was on the way back not so happy. But I think soon his time comes. The Lady has all ready decided his knight name. Gavriel will be Gavriel Nibblehead, but don’t tell the little man.


We explored Campus Galli today.


We had short and smooth ride. The landscape was beautiful.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold


Campus Galli is beautiful. The nature and the craftsmanship are stunning. The guided tour is something for first time visitors.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

Campus Galli is a Eldorado for doggy knights. Nature and water bowls are nearly everywhere.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

Visit Campus Galli preferably at a nice spring or autumn day.

Take your time. You need more then 2 hours and you find behind every corner something new.

Campus Galli changes with everyday. To comeback some month or years later is a good idea.

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