Day 18 – Public footpath and Shaftesbury

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The Sun rised and the poor Sir Lucien Barkelot is tired as hell. Who turned on the sun?! Can I place have more sleeping time?

We don’t use the tin can today?! How interesting? Will we fly on our broom?

A quick look outside reviles our neighbors. I must check them out! Okey we move on while walking. Where will we go?

This Public Footpaths is more Agility Parcour then a walk up the fence down the fence and everywhere new challenges…

On the way we meet some local security personal. I have understand the right gate not the left! Okey boyes have a good time!

Wow there are lots of animals! My Lady we are on a Safari look a donkey with short ears!

Ah this is our destination! The cursed forest! It themes to be that the dark arts are trained hier. I changed my clothes. I hope I fit in now. Please don’t tell my Paladin supervisors that I attend a necromancy lecture!

After the exciting lecture of reanimation the woods get lighter and we arrived at the fary hills. I had have some interesting talks with a fairy guard. He showed me some tricks to hide me from the human eye.

After the long walk we arrived in Shaftesbury. There is a famous bread loaf there! And it is not called Bernd!

A dog friendly restaurant was found fast. We could finally make a decent pause. I must day humans eat strange things!

I tried my best black magic to get some of it! And what got I? The scraps that humans not eat!

Next to was a local museum, where dogs are allowed! We must check this out, Lady! Let us go!

There are a colorful mix of things.

Oh dear! There is a Mummy! Now it is clear why in the woods necromancer are trained!

D**m the Lady was catched from some artifacts magic. The typomator 3 makes *bing* on line end and the Lady is sensitive to music magic. I sang her a barking song to move here away. Puh we can go on!

Outside we found a local magic informant! He watched me close!

The local abbey was already closed, but I make a new friend!

It got dark fast and it is to dangerous for the lady to walk through the live stock by night. So we decide to call a local hire tin can. We must phone quite a few driver. But as he arrived he was very kind and friendly to me! I took a good nap with him!

Oh my Collie – this was a day!


Today we are walked to Shaftesbury and have tried the Public Footpaths.


The way was the goal. It was beautiful to walk along, but there were places with a high amount of difficulty. My Bum don’t fit in one of the gates and I must carried aboth the fence. There is many live stock free rooming and you walk strait through the herds. Be careful! For strong herding dogs it is nothing. For dogs that not herd much it is good manageable. Shaftesbury is a very nice city!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white


The Public Footpath through the woods was very interesting and a bit tiring. It make a lot of fun!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Shaftesbury is a nice little town. Be advised that the shops close early and to hire a taxi can be a bit difficult.

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Dog friendliness

The Public Footpath is good to walk as dog. It is more for advanced hikers then for novices. Some points are hard to pass for a big dog and you must be lifted over the fence. Little doggy knights have an advantage!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

At Shaftesbury you find some water bowls and good restaurants and the museum!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Useful Information

More about the Public Path System you can read here .

If you like to eat good go to “The salat celler“.

If you will see the cat mummy you must go to the Gold Hill Museum.

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