Day 20 – Windsor, Dover and Explosions

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I tried my best to protect my stuff from the influence of a black magic curse. I used all my knowledge but I could only lessen this curse.

The day started with searching for a new Inn. The lady manged to get a new one in time. What a releave!

The whole car was depacked and checked for the missing passports. Result: No passports found. Then I heard a terrible bang and the Lady cried and cursed! She didn’t got the step to the kitchen right and banged her knee again the metal radiator on the wall. I tried my best healing spell, but the curse tempered it!

The situation was dire. The Lady and I started the war mode. She delegated following tasks to the male servant first call the old Inns, second call the German embassy and third finde a VET for my travel papers. She texted my German VET Mr. Reinle and he wrote instand back a paper for his colleague. Thanks again my most liked VET! Now the Lady started driving and the male servant should do is tasks.

The deflection of this bloody curse drained my energie. So it start to rain cats and dogs while my good weather spell was weekend.

The enemy must be a whole school of wizards or a big deity! There is no other explanations! Now the have taken over the mind of the servant! This is the only reason why he could be so… space cadet like! The Lady was in pain but drove the tin can very well. The servant took a nap and don’t do his tasks! I hided under my pillow as I saw how close the Lady was to explode.

For my instand releave, the tin can stopped ad Windsor Castle. I tried to realign the healing spell, but the Lady was very unhappy. Her knee turned purple and doubled its size.

She smiles regardless of the situation and pain. We could take a look on the outside of Windsor castle. This curse made it closes as we arrived. I protested loudly an called for the manger. Unfortunately nobody listend.

The Lady had have four goals. First something to eat, second something to drink, third a pain realve pill and last a puddle place. The male servant was like remote controlled from the enemy! He runs a round like a headless chicken and made a dire situation worse. I tried to made the best of the day and explored the city.

Humans in other countries have strange things!

We found a Corgi monument!

I inspected this peace of finest art. A very good mage must have frozen this corgis in time!

Unfortunately the pain tolerance of the Lady was reached. She called the NAS for advice if she should visit a hospital or not. The nice Lady suggested to visit if need the hospital of Canterbury for x-rays. The Lady decided to take the pain and more pain releave till she is in Germany. She was nearly unable to walk and walking on only one leg is not possible for humans! The remote controlled servant don’t understand how important pain releave and water where now. And the first explosion of the Lady started!

After the cool down of the Lady we manged to go back to the tin can. We were near our transporting device as a huge metal beast appeared! I stopped it with a spell. This hide home close!

The Lady took over and released that he hasn’t phoned the embassy, nor the VETs. I thought about to rent a dragon to bring me home. It would be as comfy as this ride. The possibility was high that she will abandon the male servant on service station!

She called the embassy and now it got tangled up! The nice Lady from the emergency department has hat now plan. We shall call the other number. But they where so busy, that we don’t got through.

We got redealed to the first lady and she tolled us that we must come to London with photographs an lots of time. The tunnel was already booked and we need export papers for me too! Impossible in this time frame!

Now the panic mode of the Lady started. We have past London 2 hours ago. The male servant don’t show any sign that he understand what that meant. That we must possible stay 2 weeks longer here. He don’t show any signs of submission or realization. I hide hinter the car as the Lady exploded again! It was a supernova out of rage! Her cry must be heard in France. All in the Inn are looking at us. She send him packing and ordered me to observe him closely. She called the police and the embassy to get our passports listed as stolen. We looked for a photo booth and a VET. We found a vet on the other side of island. We were run done on our last nerves.

But the nice hotel hat a place for me to sit and feed the humans. I got a portion of fish & chips but no whole portion as the suggested in the start of the travel! But I hope the curse is deflected now!

To get my papers in time we must remove Dover-Castle from our bucked list.

To our joy the lady from the embassy called again. She spocke with her superiors. We can try with our ID-Carts but without guaranty! Tomorrow it will be…


Today we start travel back.


The weather condtions where bad to dangerous. Not a good day to travel. But resembled the mood of the Lady!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white Bone white


Windsor Castle is stunning, but it rained and it was closed.

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Dog friendliness

There are not much places for a drink in Windsor.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white Bone white

The Hotel Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel is very dog friendly! There are places where you can eat with your humans.

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Useful Information

Don’t loose you pass ports and travel with your ID-Cards extra! With the ID-Card you can leave to france! You must explane and file the lost of your passports.

The German embassy is very busy. You need lots of time and patience.

You must file you passports as stolen/missing at the embassy. The say you should do at the police too, but the officers don’t know what todo with this request.

If you will read more about Windsor Castle look on there homepage. Check the opening times there too!

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