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Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter

I heard that some of this festive days are coming for the humans. The prepare stuff and speak of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. There are many new words like Easter bunny, Easter basket and so many more!

But what celebrate the humans?! Status complicated! Some say it is the return of the light or the coming of the spring. Other say it is a celebration for Ostara. Some other say it is the miraculous of a Human called Jesus. More then 2000 years ago. I asked who is Jesus, but master Lucien said I am to young for this! The story is to cruel for my little ears. But I will know what Easter is!

What do the mighty squire? I can use technology and can read! So I read about this topic. Today is Maundy Thursday. What a ridiculous name for a random day in the year. Why the don’t call it >Last-Meal<-Day or >Chew-the-bone<-Day?!

So be it. Jesus eat at Maundy Thursday with his pack the last meal. One of the pack was a traitor and Jesus was caught and bound at a piece of wood. WHAT?! There are parts that a young dog can’t read without the Masters permission? That is ridiculous! The summary says that he died under torture and add easter sunday he came back to live! The celebrate of… a zombie?

I read better up the definition. Wow this Jesus tackled all the boxes!

IGITT! Wäh! This humans are sickening! The drink Jesus blood and eat his body every sunday after their high priest has done his magic! Now I understand why the informations are concealment and master Lucien don’t approve knowledge over it!

What this all has todo with fish, rabbit and eggs? No clue…

I eat my fish and then I will see what I find out this year! Please share your findings with me!

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