Day 21 – Whitstable and Laon

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The day started not very optimal. We had planned a smooth last day in England with exploring Dover Castle and Folkstone. Instead we raced over the island to get a APHA. Now you ask what is an APHA? It is the only way to get home if you lost your european pet pass! This document only VETs can make! It looks like so!

To find a VET that is willing to make the document is a difficult quest, too! We found Lady Dane Veterinary Center in Whitstable but we must get there in time.

The day started with a car ride. We came there to early and decided to visit Whitstable Castle. Harmonie and peace teams to be restored in our company. I could breathe again.

We explored the beautiful castle and I made some very good shoots. The weather spell is in check again. See for yourself!

The little park next to the castle shows some interesting things over the culture of the homosapiens.

The curse-o-meter starts to ring! I tried to set a counter-curse! This magical problem is nasty!

What shall I say. The Lady drove to Herne for the VET visit. Unfortunately the male servant… has done something wrong… he swapped the location of the main branch with the branch of our appointment.

You can guess where we should had been… Yes right we should have been in Whitestable. The Mount Lady exploded. Her cry must be heard till Scotland. We must drive fast to the other location again and spend extra hours in the car. The explosion yesterday was nothing compared to the eruption of Mount Lady!

We drove to Whitstable again. This time to the VET. Some clients start to admire me! For the certificate I have only to look health, wagg my tail and show a rabies vaccination certificate. The the vet starts to fill out the 12 Pages and stamped it several times. The you are good to go.

After we got the paper we start our journey back. We drove to the Euro tunnel and hoped that the humans can pass with there ID cards. The must declare there passports as lost and had some explanations to do, but the could leave. You will not be leave what I found on the English side of the tunnel. The have a whole agility parkour. The Europeans must be do the same.

I was the conductor of the Euro tunnel express!

The we left for the train! It is amazing to what the car ballett!

The drive with the train only lasted 30 Minutes. The Humans drove us fast away. The countryside was different. No crying sea birds no salty air. After hours we stopped.

The humans makes jokes! The say it is my throne! That are electric tin can feeding stations!

And the got food and I got nothing! I request a new set of companions!

My anti curse got buggy. The tin can needs fuel and the refineries are striking! We found a gas station and the car before us damaged the station and the lady has inserted the credit card and got no gas and stuck with a 0.00 machine that will not aboard. Mount Lady erupted again! Over one hour waiting for nothing! The started the next try in Leon. We waited a hour again an then only one car was before us… Humom was relieved that she can feed the tin can… We smelled the gas… The old rusty tin can before us will move… BAM. The old thing don’t startet! Humom got out of the car and with the power of her furriosity she got the thing moving. Very impressive Magic!

We are running late and can’t enjoy Laon. The city is breathtaking!

Interesting the humans have only a small backpack… We will not stay long I assume. The humans here use another tongue. Mount Lady is boiling. The male servant let her carry the heavy backpack…

We made a nighttime walk. Laon is very beautiful at night!

The humans tried something new the found a restaurant called Comme à Damas. It opend some days ago and tests very good. I got some flatbread to judge the quality.

Tiered we got back to the In. What will we do tomorrow? This is day is special! I have birthday! I get five! This is a secret don’t tell anyone!


We drove over the canal and are back in France!


The weather dity was on our side today. The sun was bright but the car time was long. But what could the humans do against a union strike in a France and a extra drive around the island!

Whitstable Castle is a recommendation. You can stretch your legs and have some fun.


Whitstable and the euro tunnel are nice. You can have fun while exploring. Laon at night is worth a travel for itself.

Dog friendliness

Especially the euro tunnel on the uk side has fun things for a doggy knight. You can do agility or siff the huds. The drive was extra long but we have not planned spend extra 2.5h for refuel.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Useful Information

Lady Dane Veterinary Center is very nice and caretaking. The VETs and the stuff are very friendly. You can get an appointment for the APHA on short notice.

You can leave UK with your ID-Cards but you must declare your loose to the stuff.

Laon is beauty! You must look for the dog portraits! Unfortunately no collie is found.

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