Tag 22 – Laon, Metz und endlich zu Hause!

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A new beautiful day has risen and the sun is shining over Laon, Metz and France. We are escaped the hostile British island and the curse themed to have stopped. I thank all magic for it!

Today is a special day! I the noble Sir Lucien Barkalot got five years old! But the humans are more in hangover as in celebration mood! I say we go out and look Laon at light! I have birthday! I decide today!

Leon is a old templar stronghold! Here is an old templar chapel. That must I explore! Very nice this place. Suddenly there are restauration works at the moment.

The we looked to the cathedral of Laon. At the morning light breathtaking! A local told us the history and that this is the onliest cathedral with cow head!

What a shot!

But here are more good ones!

The lady and the male servant were looking for goodies and bought me something. They said if I make my Paladin test well I get something really cool! A little spoiler because I use the scrying bowl!

The city is beauty. But we have to move on!

We made a stop in Metz.

We explored the city as the curse-o-meter start to beep. I cursed in three different languages. We arrived not good timed. Most of the restaurantes where in mid day break and the humans where hungry! There were no place for the Lady’s buddle! And the male servant got mind controlled again! The Lady found a disgusting public toilet. And raced to rescue of the servant that was nearly hit by a car. It is enough! I studied my spell list. A mirror spell! That it is! I placed it. If the weather goes bad is casualty. It is exhausting? So be it! This f* curse must stop before somebody got hurt!

Some minutes later the Lady and the servant got her food in a nice Italian ristorante. I got some bits too! It was delicious.

After this the lady got a baguette! And what got I a look to the meet display! No tastes here! I have birthday!

It got dark. The days got short while traveling and leaving the coast. But I spotted signs from well known places. I think we are near home! Really home?

The humans stopped suddenly! The bought some food, but after a short while we arrived home! The best birthday present ever! We are at home and look what I have got!

The real thing was the premium three country food bowl! Fish from Germany, real fresh baguette and food from England.

A real tasty meal. As the humans fall asleep a message from the wise Wizzard of Woof came in. He
congratulate to my successful quest. Wished my happy birthday and ask if I know what could be happened with his druid friends curse bowl for polluter? He has a broken one and 10 ill or injured apprentices.

I send my travel report from the last days. Since then I have nothing heard from druids or the curse.


We crossed France and arrived home.


The travel was long and exhausting. But a visit in Laon and Metz is a good recommendation!

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Leon and Metz are beautiful towns. You can explore, learn and enjoy a lot! Take you time if you can.

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Dog friendliness

Dogs are allout to explore Metz and Laon. There are beautiful places but don’t forget the water bowl for you doggy knight. Fresh drinking water for dogs is hard to get.

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Useful information

Here you find more about the templar chapel.

Here you can read about the cathedral of Leon.

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  1. Oh WoW what an adventure Mummy read it to me And me fink you had the best time Sir Barkalot & the best Burfday ever Fanku for sharing your Quest Love Buddy woofy woof woof xx

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