Schaffhausen und Rhine Falls

Bei der Verwendung der Karten werden Inhalte von Drittservern geladen. Wenn Du dem zustimmst, wird ein Cookie gesetzt und dieser Hinweis ausgeblendet. Wenn nicht, werden Dir keine Karten angezeigt.

Gavriel has not gotten his sea legs. Out of this reason he couldn’t participate on Pirate Month well. He is a bit jung to be a jolly sailor.

Tomorrow the magic month will starting. The grate finale will be Halloween. Witch will have more power and ghost dance all night. I made the mistake Gavriel to tell. Now we need a magic sheep for the a project… And he will only a sheep from Schaffhausen…

So we made a road trip by train. Because the Colliecar is broken down. Our trips goes from Hinterzarten to Villingen to Singen and to Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

Yeah you can be sorry for me. I licked my paw open…

The trip with the metal dragons was long, uncomfy and boring like a sermon. We got thirst like in a dessert. We found Water in Shaffhausen! What a luck!

There was an advertising with a cow for the Schafhuuser Puure Märkt

We must go there! Maybe there are the sheeps hidden!

This is mean. No dogs allowed and no sheeeps!

Yes the little one is right. It’s mean to must sit out side!

After this we visited castle Mundt and we got the first glimpse of the dear colony. I thought we where in Schaffhausen… where are the sheeps?

Now I need a drink deer instead of sheep’s!

At the top we mast charge the magical cooling wests. They are running low of steam.

We found canons and the little Gavriel tried his first time. A bit big for him…

The we made a horrific discovery a Medusa victim! We tried rescue procedures and protected the humans. But the curse was to strong. We couldn’t break it.

We left this poor man and called the local magical authorities.

We got a better view of the dear while leaving.

The humans got hungry. So the decided to go eating at Penpas.

The food looks so delicious.

The Lady was shopping in the local store at the dragon train station and we got some water from the nice Bretzelkönig woman.

Why are in Schaffhausen no sheeps? Maybe we look at the wrong place…

What do you say pratfall? Are there all sheeps?

No Rhine Fall. It’s a waterfall with nature!

Let’s go to the Rhine Falls!

Something is wrong with the dragon toll station… Magic cards and notes are not accepted… coin only. The little magic dragon has lost his magic horn to connect the central and refused to let by us tickets with out coins.

We searched for a second office and found one right in time for the train. To get a ticket can be complex as the best magic.

We arrived on the top of the Rhine Falls but the main attractions are on the bottom! Lucky us there is a lift!

The the little shit found the boats… His moaning you could hear to the Titisee.

I will in a boat! A Boat please!

The he lost it. I couldn’t climb in the beat. He thought it is a good idea to lift me with a crane in it!

To my luck it was out of order!

Mmpf… the idea was so good!

I am not so heavy! And if my paws stay dry I travel by boat. We explored the surrounding and found some nice places.

Okay let’s take some shots. Maybe the little one forget about the Mission “Find sheep!”

We found the sheep for mister puppy pubsi. I pressend Schaffhausen Sheep!

The sheep convinced the humans that it is time to get sea legs for Gavriel and that we should make a boat trip on the Rhine.

We drove to the water works! Gavriel enjoyed his trip.

The sheep and the humans were stunned and we used the time for a bit leisure.

Before we got an land we visited the Rhine Falls again. This time very close up. There was a rainbow but nobody was looking for the pot of gold.

The we said goodby to the Rheinfall cow.

So much water and nothing to drink! But we found this nice fountain for dog and human!

Now we must go to the metal dragon station. Gavriel tried to summon the dragon and got ignored. His magic credits are to low as apprentice…

The metal dragon arrived on time and was nice.

After the first flight we arrived in Schaffhusen. The servant got some local meat products. He dare to say nothing for us! So mean!

The whole time we could smell it and if you will take a pike he says no! And assume we want to claim it for us! What happened to him that he think this of us!

The next flight was awful. The dragon has gotten a cold and his grills where blocked. We got hot and the other dragons where infected to an could not leaf there stall. So he took a lot of passengers in. I was so glad of my cooling west!

The next dragon was better. Less people less hot.

His starting terminal was a bit strange… He lost time and demotion or something…

I swear I have done no portal magic. And I watched my squire like a hark! He has no miss habit, too.

The dragon was on time and we could start our last right.

Jedenfalls hieß es Einsteigen und Ausbreiten!

After this we must walk home. O dear where we tired!


We visited Schaffhausen and the Rhine Falls.


The travel via metal dragon is possible with tow collies. You should avoid main traffic times and use cooling wests on hot days.

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Schaffhausen is a beautiful city and you can explore a lot. But it is a city with all pros and cones.

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The Rhine Falls are perfect for some hours with the dogs. We recommend to make a boat tour.

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Dog friendliness

There are some places where a doggy knight get some fresh water. Dogs are allowed nearly everywhere.

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Useful Information

Don’t forget the cooling wests on hot days.

Make a Boats tour.

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  1. What a wonderful adventure! Thank you for taking all the great photos and sharing!

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