Today is the shortest day and a day to celebrate. Get your delicious Yule meal and some mead friends and gather together!

We celebrate today the return of the light. The days get longer and brighter from today on! The gray of the autumn goes and the white of the snow comes.

Every wizard has a Yule blessing spell. Here is my for you.

Yule the shortest of days, 
so dark and no one says.
The light returns,
the sorrow burns.

The bold darkness do not fear,
the light is near.
The darkness is the shield,
where the lights power whiled.

The lights get brighter, 
the darkness lighter.
It's time to do something good
es every being should.

The blessing for Yule,
is an eternal rule.
Go from home to home, room to room
and remove the old years evil doom.

Might the light today and in future shine in your hearts and live. Be shielded with smoothing mantle of the Darkness.

The wise Wizard of Woof

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