Ravennaschlucht Christmas market

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We were on the Ravennaschlucht Christmas market. We walked from our home through the Ravennaschlucht valley. We found on our way the top secret Santa Paws Distribution center construction side. I got assigned to represent Santa Paws on the market!

The walk was exhausting. There are so many steps! And it dangerous! There are some slippery parts. I had to protect the Lady from falling!

But the view was breathtaking! After this we entered the Christmas market. Please buy the tickets before you start walking. You stand very long if you will buy the tickets at the market.

The first thing that us greeted were the figurines of the tree kings and a beautiful light installation.

After the figurin path we moved on to the market. There are food and craftsmans stalles! Have I told you from the food? Like a Dream! There are bits of salmon, sausages, Käsespätzle (cheese noodles), Raclette, mulled wine and many more options! It smells so divine!

I had have the opportunity to pose with St. Nikolaus! Santa Paws meets St. Nic!

The lighting of the market was stunning!

We strengthen us with some Käsespätzle in a waffle. The Lady ate the Spätzle and I got the waffle! I tried to get some Spätzle, but the Lady refused. But I got the waffle!

The bus shuttle must booked in this year. We decided to walk back home via the Löffeltal path.



The walk to the market via the Ravennaschlucht is not easy. The humans must wear hicking gear and solid boots. As doggy knight you must be free from giddiness and saves on the stairs. It is very slippery. Be careful where you put your paws. In the dark the way get harder. Please use the tarred path (Löffeltalweg) to Hinterzarten, if it got dark! The tarred path is not lighted until Hinterzarten. Take a light with you or use the bus shuttle!

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The figurin path worth a look.

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The market is beautiful especially the lighting!

Dog friendliness

The noble doggy knight is allowed to roam every part of the market. It can be a bit crowded at the stalles. The doggy knight isn’t allowed to go foray at the food stalls.

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Useful informations

The important information about the market you find here!

Be aware that the bus shuttle must be pre booked.

The market opens only at weekends

2 thoughts on “Ravennaschlucht Christmas market

  1. How far did you walk through the valley to get to the market? How long did it take to get there? Were there many hikers? The photos are lovely, the forest is so green!

    1. We walked around 1.5 hours to the market. I thing it will be 7 to 8 km one way. It where less hickers because it was cold and gray while walking. Yes the forrest is very green now it got white!

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