Lake Schluchsee (Spring 2024)

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We arrived at Lake Schluchsee. Gavriel convinced the Lady to drive us. The day is sunny and I enjoy the light wind. Gavriel is chatty today. He showed all his knowledge over Lake Schluchsee to Sebastian Seehund. There are tow train stations at the lake and there is the Brewery Rothhaus near. He stated. Sebastian belly flopped over the railing and looked at the Lake.

You could read in his face his concerning troughs. He restrained him self and said after a while:

“Mhh… little howler this Lake is better as the last, but it is not the sea. Look I can see the shore! At the sea you can’t.”

Gavriel was devastated. How on Earth could be there a Place with more water! A Labrador can’t cross the lake swimming. I smiled knowingly. I had seen the sea at my travel to UK to get a real knight. Suddenly the old Lady Queen died and her son was bussy. So I gotn’t the real deal.

Gavriel will be shocked if he experienced the sea for real.

Gavriel stammered: “But there is a big ship! You said that big ships are on the sea and the Lake Schluchsee ist the biggist water body in Baden-Württemberg! Here is no bigger water! Okey the Bodensee but there is parted to 3 countries…”

Sebastian laught and said; “Ah Relly. Look forward to see the world. Maybe I can coax the Lady in a bet. The mountain dwlers don’t know a thing over the sea. I will winn this kind of bet.”

Gavriel got large puppy eyes – eyes like table ware. What will he do if he knows that seeing the sea mean a endless drive in the big old tin can… will he stay excited? We will see. Suddenly there was a loud squicking noise. Gavriel entered the hyper excited border state:

“Look a sea drive simulator Sebastian! To the water we can’t go with my magic healing boot. But this is interessting!”

Sebastian roared “Ready to board!”

This pumkin heads… this are no manors for a knight.

After a short time I heard new noises. I growened. The found the excavator! Please holly doggy goddess let them start no silly stuff.

Gavriel whispered: “This is human technology! It can dig!”

Sebastian said. “Okey we can build a channel to the next sea. Dig north little howler!”

Gavriel sagte. “I sleeped through geography… but the mediterran sea should be closer, or? Eitherway digging!”

After some minutes the euphoria of the squire was tempered down. He complained. “We have done under a meter! We will never ever reach a sea in this speed! I am hungry. Master Lucien said here is a dog treat bakery. We should check it out!”

Sebastian nodded and said. “Go first, little howler. But you will never achieve something if you stop halve way. The sea is out if your reach.”

I guided them to the park. There was a chess match. I challenged Gavriel. “Come on squire show all how intelligent you are. A real knight must master chess. If you win I convince the Lady to by a back of cookies.”

He tried his best and the Lady brought some cookies.

Now Gavriel is a marinated schnitzel and will sleep the next hours. Gavriel thoughed. How can i coax the Lady to a bet with Sebastian? I will see the sea! Bern is a big city… maybe there is the possibility for it!

Review Schluchsee

Lake Schluchsee is bigger as Lake Titisee. It has to train stations at the sea. There are shops an restaurants in the village, direct at the see there are less eating possibilities.


The Landscape is nice and the trains stops direct at the see. The village is nice, too.

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Watch the boats is fun. You can hike in the surrounding area. Plan for a half day and add a visit to Brewery Rothaus if you can.

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Dog friendliness

The whole area is dog friendly. Don’t forget to pack something to drink. At the lake there are not much places to take a sip or swim.

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Useful information

You can discover many thinks at the Schluchsee. Read more at the tourism center.

Look for warnings for algae. In the summer the could make itchy skin.

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