Day 2 – We driving over – err under the sea!

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The day started with the cries of the human smartphones!

Oh my dog was this noise annoying! I barked at the humans to stop the pain for my ears. Then the humans start to running and packed up our stuff and the servant took me out of the Inn with out the lady! Without food! Without Treats!

If the day starts so… you wish as collie knight that the humans would fall into a pit and some better trained will be on your side. How should I fight a epic battle against a Monster without food and trained stuff!

Uff and now I am back in the horseless carriage after the Lady appears of nowhere. Was this a planed strike of humans that should show me they can do some coordinated action with out me?

Lucien auf der Rücksitzbank

I have my doubts that is something good when the carriage moves only a short moments. My homelands are several hours away! Where is the thing moving to?

Okey there are lots of nobels and ignobles here and all have at least a servant. Why should I wear my nose protection? Nobody else does! This should be mandatory? Have the others lost there armors? Is this country so poor?

The lady showed my papers and permit to some other servant. He gave her a magic box that make loud noises if would helt at my ear! One moment have the humans put an device in my ear? Why get the lady a new paper and leave the place? Okey back to the tin lizzy and only some very short drive!

Then they brought me to a disgusting place. Nobody has cleaned it in ages and there were poop and pee everywhere. In the middle ages the hygiene conditions were better! Short it was so disgusting that i don’t want lay a paw on it!

The the humoms leave me in the carriage for 10 minutes alone! The let me alone! ALONE! How should I protect the lady? Is her husband able to do it?

As fast as they are gone. The are back at the carriage! And now the are in stress and drive criss cross through this area. I looked out of the window the I saw the evil! It was greater as a house, lager the a lorrie. Shiny metal everywhere! And the Lady drove in the belly of this steel dragon! I couldn’t catch my breath!

The it moved and the Lady told me that we right now under the magic saltic sea. It was dark outside! The belly inside was illuminated. It must be a tunnel of a family of dwarfs. I am sure here must live dwarfs! After 25 minutes we saw daylight again! But the Lady drives on the wrong side! Is the Lady okey?

We ended in a town called Dover! Here I could touch the first time the Land of my ancestors! A little step for a Collie a big for my Sir Barkalot! AH… Humans you haven’t opened my Transport safety belt! You destroyed the unique Moment!

The humans looked at the clock and saw it! The were to early started! I could have sleeping untill now! What does >It is to early to buy your breakfest!< mean! I am a hungry Knight! The merchants must have a very poor schedule here!

Okey we change the plans. We look to the nice castle above us. Maybe I can live there! Humans it is locked! We are to early again! HUMANS! Get your timetable sorted!

Okey the we look to the cliffs! They should be amazing! What is this! This is a busy road but the walking path! There must be robber barons! I forbid the humans to go alone thought this hostile environment!

After this adventure we found the white cliffs! There are beautiful! You can see the busy port! You can see the ships sail to the sea! I enjoyed this walk very much!

We found a secrete signal station! It was very interesting!

The the I was attacked by a sneaky evil pant! The big balles of hell have barbs that stuck in my fur and arm pit! Look at this evil being! The forever foe of Sir Barkalot!

For my luck the merchants were near! They had have a scissors! The lady could lukely remove the plaque from me. But I lost a lot of fur!

The salesman had some fish treats and ice for me in stock. This had lighten up my mood after this odyssey!

The we want back to the carriage! I wanted home! We found this magic communication devices on our way! I send a message to all my friends >Lets have fun!< !

The we mad some young humans! The liked to make fotos of me. The we moved the carriage to the next hold a shopping center!

The buyed my fish kibbels and treats! But the promised me a real Fish & Chips! I call for satisfaction! Now I will tow Fish & Chips looking like the Image! And a real croissant!

I am angry the humans has not hold there vow! I ignores them while the tin lizzy drived. The drove slow… very slow. I could be faster if I sniff every flower on the road, as the carriage move! I spend my time by sleeping! Maybe the I will get faster real food!

After a long time we make a stop. We med some other travelers. But the nice lady was photo shy!

We arrived Action Travil in the evening and finally I could rest and stretch my paws!

The Hostess is very kind! Here are free rooming cats and not so free rooming horses!

Now I am so tired that I can’t hold the quill!

What will happen tomorrow?


I will review the traveling day.


We have spend so much time in the car this day get only 2 of 5 bones. The traffic jam has costed us a lot of time and nerves!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white Bone white

The Euro-Tunnel is very good! You can travel fast under the magic water and you don’t get a wet hair in your fur!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold


The castle of dover was suddenly closed. We could only look from outside. It is very nice looking castle. If you are early you will not earn bonus points at the island!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

The footpath to the cliff was exciting, but for a woman alone I think not so save.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

The highlight were the cliffs. Beautiful white and with a near perfect view. If the weather is nice you should visit them. After the plant attack I got fast help!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

The tunnel is definitely the best way to travel with a dog. You stay together in the car and after 30 Minutes you arrived on the other side.

The city, the castle and the cliff are a good recommendation too. You can have lot of adventures there.

If you are a older or long haired following knight watch your feed. The way is not smooth and plants make sneak attacks!

There are lots of free rooming cats! Be aware of them! Especially If don’t like them.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Useful tips

Be prepared before you use the Euro-Tunnel. Have your and the human passports ready and filled out.

Inform you about the opening hours of the sights. Else you stay before and you can’t enter them. For example English Heritage

The cliffes are beautiful! Take lots of time there if the weather is nice! Inform you here!

If you travel around London be aware of traffic jams. If you could avoid them.

We stayed in Five Pines in Acton Turville. It is very nice and we totally recommend it. You can make walkes or you can drive to Bath, Bristol or Wales.

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