Day 11 – Landsend, Penzance and St. Austell

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On more day dawned on my travel. The male servant was going with me to the next bush. And I was so sleepy that I could barely move.

Then the lady got ready for the next drive und the metal horse starts working.

After a bit of time we were at a new part of the coast. It looks different and was called Lands End. What a funny name for the most west point in England!

Our first stop was the tourist center. I tried to breath fire like a dragon. With more or less success. I thought that was a good skill to my paladin character sheet! But the humans found it funny!

After this I inspected a new transportation device. Looks interesting but is louder then a dragon!

The we start to explore the coast. The wind was so strong that I nearly started flying!

I must say the cliffs are steep and the drop is far. Please don’t go to close to the edge!

The the humans made me to a feared pirate!

The male servant had have bad joke day! He tied my to an anchor. Even before I could make a funny thing!

We checked out the area around the farm. There are artists in the farm as well.

One of the clay artists made me a paw print! I got it a few weeks later!

There was a pirate artist, too! We made a photo together so we can’t forget each other.

There were sheeps and pigs! I saw both and I must say boring the were in a coral!

But the landscape was breathtaking!

After this we walked to the real Lands End point. Unfortunately there was no sign because of a bad storm was coming and the sign was demontage out of safety reasons.

But we have a image of the last house of England!

The the humans want shopping. The Lady and I waited for the shop and the the shop closed before the Lady could peak in! We found some interesting things in the other shops!

I was admired and photographed a lot.

After this we drove to Penzance a little city on our way back, We explored it.

The Lady got a new belt!

The we discovered the harbor. But we don’t found something real good to eat.

Because of this reason we drove to St. Austell. I watched the car and the humans were go eating. Because the found no tavern where I was allowed. But It was okay I could sleep! The metal tin is practical for sleeping.

The we drove back to the Inn. I got a good meal and I could sleep!


We review the drive to the most west point of England!


The drive was lang. One stop or two are needed.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

To Penzance we came fast. But you should look at it on a sunny day!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

St. Austell is an easy drive, but you need time to get there.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white


Lands End is interesting and a very good place for a doggy knight. You must have see the farm with the pottery and the last house. The sign is optional but a nice to have! We recommend to go to Lands End.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

The little city Panzance is good to explore and there are nice shops. But the are closing early. We don’t found something to eat with a collie knight. Take something with you!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

We saw not many of St. Austell because it was late. The humans had have a great dinner. I was watching the metal horse!

Dog friendlines

Lands End is a very good place for a doggy knight. The ways are no problem even if the knight is older.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Penzance is not the thing for a doggy knight but there is a belt maker. He has collars and leashes!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white

St Austell is not so welcoming to we found not the right tavern for all of us. The doggy knight got the important job to watch the metal horse from inside.

Usful information

Information about Lands End you find here.

Interesting facts about Penzance are here.

More about St. Austell is here.

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