Michael Frey

Day 1 – The Journey begins

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Here I want to write down the chapter of my live. I am the humble Sir Lucien Barkalot. Without fear I entered the horseless carriage and started my travel with Mylaydy and her servant. The carriage was fully loaded, so I had to adjust to a new position. The carriage rumbled for many minutes, even hours over the lands.

Lucien auf der Rücksitzbank

From time to time the carriage stopped and I could follow the call of nature. The first stop was in the fields of a unknown kingdom. The fields where flat and when you started to walk, it took an eternity to reach a point at the horizon.

Immediately, I took the lead and found a walnut grove. Concerningly, there was a pile of bones! May the soul rest in peace.

We left this scary place behind us and our carriage rumbled on over the lands. We gotten hungry, so we made rest. We dinned the finest food and I got the best parts.

After this exquisite meal, the horseless carriage rumbled on until we reached a place, where I need all my force to not carried away by the wind.

The floor was crumbely… like a giant sand pit and the air smelled salty and like rotting plants. Unknown birds where circling above our heads. The cry of those birds pierced me trough my skin.

We inched our way forward and then we saw it! Water as fare as the Collie can see! And man made vessels where driving on it. I approached this place with grade care. Small things unknown to me poked my paws. Mylady even collected some of those and showed me her treasures.

Brave, I put my tongue into this large body of water. Holly Collie! It was disgusting! I was so salty that I had to spit it out.

Then Mylady brought me even closer to this darned water and then the water started coming close. It touched by paws and wetted the shoes of Mylady. Mylady squeaked!

I must do something! I stood up against the water and only think of my furious bark let the water backup! I took the Lady and brought her safely I brought her to shore! This cursed water should try to attack my Lady again! I will fight it!

We walked back to the carriage. I held my head high! And then it starts moving again. For the luck of all of us only short. We stopped add a big Inn where many other dogs were. But not so noble as me!

A rabble of dogs with no manors! The barked and snapped after my fur!

Then the Lady starts move again. I must be on her side! In the dark shades of the night many bad things happens! I must protect her from this!

After a long walk we came finally back to the Inn and the humans and I sit by the fire and chat with other travelers.

After this we fall into bed of the Inn. The Lady carried my travel cushion into the room and I could rest my head on it!

I heard strange noises in the night! So I moved to the door to better protect the Lady and her husband – the servant!

What happens tomorrow? Will we be back home?


After my story I will review the day.


The time in the car was long and it was full! 3 of 5 bones!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white Bone white


The adventures were great. I triumphed over the endless water and I could run free for miles!

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold

Dog friendliness

I think all in all the day was dog friendly! The way is very long for in impatient or very active dogs it will be to hart!

You should have manors. Maybe other dogs and humans have fears.

Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone gold Bone white

Useful tips

The Ibis-Hotel in Calais is dog friendly. You can stay there before you Travel with the ferry or the tunnel.

There is a very beautiful national park near Calais. I recommend a visit there! Look at the page for more information Réserve naturelle Platier d’Oye. You can explore the sea and a bit of a dune. Maybe the humans learn something about birds and nature.

You will survive without knowledge in France, but you must be prepared that many not speak English or German.